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ECDI Launches Peer-to-Peer Investment Program

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Economic and Community Development Institute is rolling out a new opportunity for anyone in the community to directly invest in small business development. Their brand new “Invest Local Ohio program” allows for small personal investments to be made that go toward starting businesses in Central Ohio through their traditional lending and education programs. This peer-to-peer lending model is somewhat similar to the national lending/investment business Prosper.com, but executed on a hyper-local level. ECDI is planning on raising $10 million over the next three years through this new program to fund entrepreneurs, startups and other small business economic development throughout Columbus.

More information can be found in the full story at TheMetropreneur.com.

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  • I am *really* excited about this new program and planning on signing up to invest. The return rate of 2% is roughly equivalent to current CD rates, and while this isn’t something that anyone is likely to get rich from, it’s an amazing opportunity to have an impact on creating new businesses in Columbus.

    Buy Local.
    Eat Local.
    Shop Local.
    Build Local.

  • I’m really excited as well!  As a bank “lending specialist” myself, this will be a great and affordable alternative to traditional funding sources for small-businesses.  Like Walker, I too am looking forward to personally investing in the program and community through ECDI, along with generating a decent return compared to other bank savings account interest rates.

  • This is fantastic. I am definitely interested in signing up as well.

  • rmandrew

    Would anyone be able to put me in touch with a contact at ECDI?

    I am in the process of location scouting and such in Columbus for a cafe concept and 2-3 more restaurant/small business ideas in the next 5 years in and around downtown Columbus.

    Thanks! Ryan

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