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Easton Launches Bike Share Program

Walker Evans Walker Evans Easton Launches Bike Share ProgramPhoto via Zagster.
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Easton Town Center announced yesterday the launch of a new bike share program for the 1,300 acre area through a partnership with Boston-based bike service provider Zagster. The system includes 22 bikes parked in six locations spread throughout Easton at offices, hotels and shops. The new program quietly launched on May 22nd and has seen approximately 200 rentals since its debut.

“This new bike share service offers a fun, convenient and healthy way to get around Easton,” said Beau Arnason, executive Vice President, Steiner + Associates, co-developers and managers of Easton Town Center. “Providing a myriad of transportation options for Easton visitors has always been a priority. Whether it’s the Easton trolley, installing electric car charging stations, our recent car sharing partnership or this new bike share program with industry-leader Zagster, Easton looks to embrace transportation trends to facilitate a more convenient customer experience.”

Sixteen of the cruiser-style bikes stationed at offices in the area are offered to employees as a benefit. That includes the offices of Hines, Huntington and Thirty-One Gifts. The six remaining bikes are available for the general public for rentals, which includes a bike lock and key. Unlike the CoGo Bike Share system that launched in Downtown Columbus last summer, the Easton Bike Share is a free service for the public to utilize for now.

“Even as city-wide bike sharing programs expand globally, they’re not built to serve the needs of smaller communities, like businesses and town centers,” said Timothy Ericson, co-founder and CEO of Zagster. “Zagster’s cost-effective, turnkey program makes it a snap for property owners and managers to add new and desired transportation amenities to the Easton area.”

Riders who use the system can check bikes in and out utilizing the Zagster Mobile App, rather than a kiosk. The bikes can be used for up to 24 hours, and then must be returned to a Zagster station to end the trip and release the bike for the next user.

For ongoing discussion of the Easton Bike Share, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

For more information, visit www.zagster.com and www.eastontowncenter.com.

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  • Jason Powell

    Next up: light rail connecting to the airport and downtown?

  • http://xingcolumbus.wordpress.com/ johnwirtz

    They need to use the bikes to connect Easton to its Transit “Center” on Morse Rd.

    • superglue

      Haha yeah ive never understood why that Easton Transit Center is way over out the way like that. Columbus is so weird with its planning.

      But sweet for this bike share coming to easton!

      • http://www.columbusunderground.com Walker Evans

        I believe its located over there because Easton developers didn’t want it to be located within Easton Town Center. It has nothing to do with the City of Columbus’s planning efforts.

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