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Dublin Sees Apartment Project as Catalyst For Urban Neighborhood

Brent Warren Brent Warren Dublin Sees Apartment Project as Catalyst For Urban Neighborhood
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Edwards Communities received initial approval last month to build a four-story, 324-unit apartment complex just northeast of the newly-renovated AMC Dublin Village Theater.

The proposal calls for one large building broken roughly into three sections, each featuring an interior courtyard. Over 500 parking spaces will be offered, including a small surface lot and some on-street spots, though most parking will be accommodated by a first-floor parking garage. The unit mix will be split between one-bedroom (70%) and two-bedroom apartments.

Steve Simonetti, Vice President of Land Acquisition and Development for Edwards, says that they hope to close on the purchase of the land soon and begin construction this summer.

The City of Dublin sees the project as a crucial first step in creating the type of mixed-use, walkable district envisioned by their Bridge Street District Plan.

Dublin Planner Rachel Ray stressed that the lack of retail in this project is not indicative of the vision Dublin has for the area:

“We anticipate future projects in the Dublin Village Center area and other parts of the Bridge Street District incorporating a vertical mix of uses, including retail space on the ground floor and office and/or residences on the upper stories. Even though this particular project only involves residential uses, we don’t see it as inconsistent with our vision for a mixed use urban environment in this area – we’d like to see a mixed use ‘core’ a little farther to the south, given the size of the area.”

Ray argued that with the infusion of new residents from the Edwards project, combined with the existing anchor of the theater and a new public street grid funded by tax increment financing, a strong foundation is being laid for future development.

Simonetti echoed Ray’s sentiments. He said that while Edwards is not currently involved in plans for future development around the theater, they see their apartment project as “an important catalyst for further redevelopment in the Dublin Village Center and Bridge Street Corridor.”

More information can be found online at www.edwardscommunities.com.

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  • joshlapp

    Good first (and crucial) first step. I have no doubt that the Dublin vision will succeed. Its crucial to the future of the region to have many options for urban living, not just in the central city area.

  • heresthecasey

    Compare this design to what they put up in an actual urban neighborhood on 3rd Avenue.

  • jOHnH

    Does this project mean demolition of the pretty much empty strip mall next to the theater? Is Donerick’s still in that strip mall? Curious to know if they anticipate including current tenants or buying them out, couldn’t find any information in my brief search.

  • jpizzow

    I imagine as land values continue to climb as new phases are built, the owner of the strip center will likely cash in….hopefully. This will be a very exciting project to watch. I hope Dublin sticks with its guns and does not deviate in any way with the walkable mixed use nature of this new neighborhood. Looks like Applebee’s is sticking with their single use guns down there in the corner.

  • erinmcguire

    JohnH – I go to the Salon Lofts down the strip from Donerick’s and she said they are all being forced to relocate and the lease is being terminated/ending. She said other businesses have already completed their leases and are not being renewed. She gave me some timeframe for when they have to be out but I can’t recall it.

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