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Don’s Hamburgers

 columbus mike
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This is one of those places that the more you try to describe how good it is, the worse it sounds! Keep that in mind as I try anyway.


Don’s Hamburgers

2256 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43223-1037,

Phone: (614) 274-2382

The atmosphere-

Not the best side of town.My boss at work would never go himself assuming he would get shot on the way ,but that didnt stop him from eating anything I brought back from the place. Some will say its seedy.I think it has character. Ok, Seedy character, but Ill take this over a Starbucks atmospher anytime. The paint on the walls has been peeling since probably 1965, and the tile on the floor is ripped up. Its carry out only though, so you arnt eating in here anyway.. After you order it takes a while to get your food. Behind the counter Jim the cook and owner( I heard Don was a previous owner who got shot ) is sloooowly turning over burgers on the grill. He is an older guy who has trouble moving around but when in front of the grill he is a master. He scrapes around the grill with his spatula, and turns the burgers so slowly that you would think he was caring for a baby. Its like he never wants to see the burgers leave the grill that he put every ounce of his love and care into. Reluctantly he finally decides they are ready for the outside world and he takes them off the grill and unto a bun.theres only two chairs in the place so there is nowhere really to wait for your food except to stand there ,so everyone calls in there orders ahead of time.I personally get there a little early so I can watch him cook.

The food-

Well first off I have to say the fries are greasy.VERY greasy. When you open your bag and pull out the wax paper covered container, it will be transparent from the saturated grease. You then unwrap the paper and peel a limp, soggy, dripping fry from the compressed mound and put it in your mouth. Holy crap! These are the best fries on the planet! I like crispy fries as much as anyone but this is just a whole different thing. The greasyness is so over the top, it trancends the experience into another world. Its impossible not to eat oen without closing your eyues to further experience the sensation. As you eat one after another you giggle with guilty delight knowing a cardiologists jaw would drop open with horror if he saw this. You make a mental note to next order two fries instead of one, and you one by one, finish the fries before you even unwrap your hamburger. The hamburger is not as greasy as the fries (nothing could be!) but it is just as good. This isnt a huge Max and Erma gourmet burger but just a Its a very thin honest ,homemade, tasting burger. Thats about it. Burgers and fries.

The cost-

Dirt cheap! Burgers are I think a buck apiece unless you splurge and get a delux with everything for a buck twenty five. fries are seventy five cents. I dont work nearby anymore so I cant go twice a week like I used to but two of us would eat for four bucks!

Final verdict-

Highest rating! Damn good, and damn cheap! Best fries anywhere! If you go tell them Mike Moore from the schwinn bike shop(now closed) sent you!

Highly recomended!

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  • desecration

    Your description of the fries frighten me. :shock:

  • BetsyB

    I may have to check this place out, although I don’t usually venture that way down Sullivant Ave. as it gets a little rougher.

  • 3horseshoes

    mmmmmmmm *drooling* i can’t wait to try those fries. soggy fries are actually my favourite. and these are so cheap!

  • djhellion5


  • Cyclist

    French fries are the BEST food ever.

    I was reading this cookbook once that had 30+ recipes from the 30+ most famous chefs in the world. Each had a cute little bio next to the recipe and a pic of the chef. Almost everyone of them said that fries (or chips as many were redcoats) were their favorite food. And these folks are are known for the highest of cuisine.

    Grease is a flavor that is really underutilized in cooking anymore. I want to check that place out. Sullivant is one of the coolest streets in town. I would say after Livingston Ave. in the afternoon it is the most vibrant and “urban”.

  • BetsyB

    I think I would just go there to have the burger, I don’t like to waste calories on fries unless they re something super special like Tip Top’s sweet potatoor eggplant fries.

  • Cyclist

    Don’t be snob.

  • lifeliberty

    Sounds good, I’ll have to check this out!

  • Kbear919

    are you sure you have the right address i just drove down there to find it and it wasnt there…. i was bummed…

  • columbus mike

    i got the address from online but ill have to drive by and double check it.

  • KSquared

    I could not agree more with this review. I LOVE Don’s hamburgers, and it is worth the trip to the sketchy locale. The last time I was there, the manager from the Dairy Queen down the street was unsuccessfully attempting to barter ice cream for burgers.

  • Kbear919

    TRY THE PHONE NUMBER they are out of business and I think they have been for quite some time….

  • rockindaddymike

    ill be so sad if they went out of buisness because that means something bad proably happened to the owner.i havent been there for a few months but have been going regularly for the last twenty years.

  • Kbear919

    so NOBODY has tried to go besides me or can give an update…SAD SAD SAD

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