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Dispatch launching “Capital Style” Magazine

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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From The Dispatch:

New magazine to offer mix of style, substance
By Tracy Turner

A new publication, Capital Style magazine, hits newsstands Monday, delivering insights on fashion, community service and the contributions of central Ohio women. Capital Style is designed to showcase the unique interests, pursuits and desires that are important to women throughout the region, said publisher Katie Wolfe Lloyd.

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  • I’ll be getting your mom a subscription to this.

  • It sounds like your mom might already be getting a subscription to this. From the article:

    The sleek, glossy magazine will be delivered by mail free on a quarterly basis to a targeted population of women in central Ohio.

  • how many issues before andrea cambern is on the cover?

  • ZERO!

    (Ok, not on the cover, but pretty close.)

  • she’s such an icon.
    also. i love our avatar sandwich. it’s like a big mac.

  • So what’s the deal with all of these half-baked magazine’s coming out all of the sudden and when should we expect the CU print edition? ha!

  • The CU print edition is already available!

    Click “File” in your toolbar up top, then Click “Print”.

    (As long as you have a printer)

    Honestly, I think Capital Style is actually going after a demographic that still reads magazines. Which could work in their favor.

  • JonMyers

    The number of magazine start ups in Columbus is downright disturbing. Makes me think I should start a record label exclusively dedicated to vinyl and open a record store with a soda fountain attached that serves single root beer floats with two straws in them.

  • Nah, just start a magazine about starting a record label devoted to vinyl and opening a record store with a soda fountain.

  • I read it. boring. Why would they advertise for stuff in sandusky in a columubs magazine? also it seemed like they put everything in one magazine, I’m not sure what they will have in the next one.

  • Well, it is only quarterly, right? Perhaps they wanted to cram it full of a lot of stuff since there won’t be another one for three months?

  • Fashion Diva

    This magazine is SAD it is not fashion forward, the staff are people from other failures of Columbus based fashion publications, and the rest of the staff are “friends-of-friends” all about who you know and not who is actually talented in the fashion industry, and the financial backing is Columbus Dispatch. We are in the middle of a bad economy and jobs are being cut, but there is money to launch a printed publication?! Expenses such as paper, ink, distribution, advertising…etc. The national statistics for most new printed publications have a 2 year shelf life before failing…so we will see.

  • Two Cents

    I must say that I’m surprised at how poorly done this magazine is. It is backed by the Dispatch….they do have the money to put out a decent publication…but they failed miserably on all levels. Just goes to show that having the capital to do something…doesn’t mean you should. This magazine is BORING, STUFFY and totally OUT OF TOUCH. Bad design + bad content = bad idea.
    Who is going to pay $4.00 for this? It’s a cheap immitation Vogue…and that is giving it too much.

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