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Dirty Frank’s to Open Second Location

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Dirty Frank’s to Open Second Location
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The Downtown Dirty Frank’s location at 248 South Fourth Street is not only a regular hangout spot and eatery for a hip, young crowd, but also a go-to destination for many visitors to our fair city.

But Dirty Frank’s is also small. Its one-room, diner-style layout lends itself to a curious intimacy that’s part of the appeal of the joint, but its tininess means that only a limited number of people can enjoy the food and atmosphere there at ant given time.

A second Dirty Frank’s location is the only way to resolve the growing issue of how to please more people more of the time, hot-dog wise.

“When the concept caught on, we began to get a lot of complaints about the small space and requests to expand,” shares local restaurateur Elizabeth Lessner on her decision to bolster the Dirty Frank’s brand. “The new location is roughly double the size of the current Dirty Frank’s, and it will seat around 80 people. We have a bar area, and then additional room with more seating.”

Dirty Frank’s Westgate will open at 2836 West Broad Street, at the former site of Jack’s Coneys. The new 2,500 square-feet store will be windowless, building on the close-knit communal atmosphere generated at the original Dirty Frank’s, and have a small stage where a Johnny DiLoretto puppet show may become the order of the night (not really, but we can hope!)

Lessner’s brother Thom, will be recreating the same kind of  kitchy hot-dog-meet-rock-star art that adorn the walls of the original for the newest Dirty Frank’s. But the menu will be smaller here, as community input will be driving, and reflecting, what will be served.

So Lessner is holding a contest for the recipe for the Westgate Dog, and neighbors are encouraged to help choose the specials and items for the new menu. Alcohol will be served at the new Dirty Frank’s, except on Sundays, as that part of town is dry on that day of the week (the issue is on the ballot, and if passed, Sunday booze service will begin in November).

Dirty Frank’s Westgate will also feature locally-made sodas from Rambling House Soda Pops. John Lynch and his team create whimsical flavors like Columbus Cola and Salted Caramel Soda at Rambling House, and fun flavors are in the works for Dirty Frank’s, which will be announced soon.

The Westgate neighborhood is historically symbolic in Columbus, but it’s one that hasn’t necessarily gotten a lot of retail attention — at least the kind you want. Lessner’s choice to expand to this community is a move that brings a much-needed spark of life to our west side neighbors.

“Broad Street has long fascinated me,” adds Lessner. “I love all the history behind Route 40, and have became saddened by the number of beautiful commercial buildings that are sitting vacant. When Jack’s closed, I heard from some Westgate neighbors who thought a Dirty Frank’s would go great in the space. I agreed.”

Dirty Frank’s Westgate will be the seventh restaurant to join the Columbus Food League family of restaurants headed by Lessner. For more on the grand opening, follow them at www.facebook.com/dirtyfrankswestgate.

Photo by Walker Evans.

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  • jpizzow

    Great news for West Broad, but windowless!?

  • roy

    jpizzow, it’s hard to explain the interior, you’re gonna like it though! Super awesome space, love.

  • I don’t think the windowlessness will be an issue. There’s really not a whole lot of scenery to look at right there anyway. ;) Unless the former Big Bear parking lot is a favorite parcel of land to admire.

    Anyway… can’t wait to check out the new space once it’s finished! :D

  • lizless

    jpizzow, we hope to have windows one day. The existing space doesn’t have them unfortunately. We will be applying for a patio license and once we pay some bills, we can explore installing some windows. With a small pot of money for build out, the kitchen renovation won out over the windows for now. The space had to be gutted to the studs and rebuilt due to some long term damage there. We are in this for the long haul and love the area and plan to continue to pour our hearts and pocketbooks into the neighborhood and make improvements as we can afford to do so.

    We hope to have windows at Tip Top one day too but we’re not quite there yet either! The Grass Skirt will remain windowless though!

  • Lizless, great to see that you will be offering soda from Rambling House Soda Pop! Love their products and will be a great addition to the new space. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • lizless

    We love Rambling House. You’ll see it soon in many of our other locations too! :)

  • Eugene_C

    Excellent. It will be nice to grab a dog in the evening without having to wait. I hope they consider one in Clintonville, too, like on Indianola. There are vacant stores down around Weber and up by Weisheimer.

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