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Developer Wants to Build 140-Unit Apartment Complex in Harrison West

Brent Warren Brent Warren Developer Wants to Build 140-Unit Apartment Complex in Harrison West
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Snyder Barker Investments, the development team behind the Aston Place apartments and townhomes in Victorian Village, is looking to Harrison West for their next project. They are still working out the details, but hope to build about 140 apartment units in the area bounded by Michigan Avenue, Thurber Drive West and Buttles Avenue. The 3.4 acre site is currently home to the offices of the US Trotting Association.

“We think this is a nice quality project at a level of rent that’s more affordable than some of the other new projects in town,” said Jason Snyder, adding that “lots of people that want to live around this area, but only so many people that can afford to live at some of the more expensive projects on High Street or a block off of it.”

He said that preliminary plans have been presented to the Harrison West Society, and that they have been working with the Society’s executive committee to address neighborhood concerns and hammer out the final details of the project. They hope to bring the project to the Society’s February 19th meeting for a vote on the required zoning variances.

The development, tentatively named “Trotter’s Gate,” will feature six three-story apartment buildings with surface parking behind and around the buildings. Plans call for some unattached garages offering covered parking as well as a clubhouse and possibly a pool. One-bedroom apartments will make up about 75% of the units and will be in the 725 square foot range, while two-bedroom units will be around 1,100 square feet.

Also in the plans is a parcel across Michigan Avenue from the main site that the developers hope to use for additional parking and to provide a connection to the Harrison West Connector shared-use path.

Snyder Barker Investments is pursuing the project with equity partners Michael Schiff and Scott Pickett.

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Photo by Walker Evans.

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  • Stephen43215

    Sounds like parking, parking, and more parking.

  • Every development has parking. Not really anything new.

    More and more infill projects like this will create better opportunities for improved transit ridership. Bring em on!

  • InnerCore

    Not if they aren’t build at certain level of density. You could infill all of Columbus at the same density as this project and it would make transit more of a reality because the residential would be so spaced out that public transit still wouldn’t be convenient.

    But I guess the people living here will probably drive less since its centrally located than if they were to build the same project in the suburbs.

  • cmhcow

    If you don’t like the parking, call the city. Developers are mandated to build to city code. For apartments, that’s generally 1.5 spaces per dwelling unit.

  • Eugene_C

    Every development has parking, but not all parking is created equal. Parking can be integrated into the structure and in fact most people prefer covered and secure parking anyway to open lots and particularly the more urban the area is.

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