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Dave & Buster’s Opens New Polaris Location

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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On Monday, Dave & Buster’s opened their second Columbus location at the newly completed Lifestyle Center at The Polaris Mall. This D&B is one of their smaller-footprint stores at only 17,000 square feet and includes a new modern layout that they’re rolling out to their new locations. The establishment includes over 80 arcade games, a 48-foot granite bar, and 24 50-inch TVs.

More information can be found at DaveAndBusters.com or PolarisFashionPlace.com.

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  • turbo ninja

    Woe to the man who’d look for a better steak in an arcade setting.

  • lstandsforlisa

    This Dave & Buster’s location brought to you by Always Sunny.

  • Glad I’m not the only one that will forever connect the two together. ;)

  • NerosNeptune

    Will we be able to use our D&B money at any local TGiFriday’s?

  • Here ya go Walker, a script for the news feed.

    <variable {chain store}> opens a new location at Columbus’ <variable{mall name}> .

  • Yeah… I thought about not posting this, but figured some folks would be interested. Thought it was also significant because it signaled the completion of a pretty massive 2.5 year redevelopment project at Polaris.

    That being said…. I personally will probably never find a reason to go here. To each his/her own.

  • Analogue Kid

    Last time I was at the D&B at Mill Run, I was surprised to see the number of dated video games they had on the floor. I’m not talking about classics like Pac Man, I mean games that would be embarrased by something using DirectX 5.2

  • I predict the beginning of a long and slow decline for Mill Run until it is yet another mostly vacant series of strip-malls.

  • Beginning? I thought Mill Run had already been on the decline for years? I don’t get out that way too often, but last time I looked their Big Bear store was still sitting empty. Plus there’s all of that new development anchored by a new Target just north of Mill Run along Trueman Blvd. Who wants to shop at the old center when there’s a new center just down the road, right?

    Personally, I don’t think I’ve shopped at any stores at the Mill Run area since Incredible Universe closed. :(

  • Has it?  I guess I don’t get over there very often either.  Maybe that’s part of the problem?

    What I don’t understand is why developers continue to create strip malls when they know they’ll have a shelf life of about 15 years at best.  Is that really enough time to make a big enough profit?  If they would (or were allowed to) mix uses they would have a built-in client base that wouldn’t disappear when the next strip mall is built further away.

  • KSquared

    I would so much rather have this downtown:  http://www.barcadebrooklyn.com/

  • VicVillage Guy

    I don’t think Mill Run is on a decline at all. The reason for the empty Big Bear is that Krogers pretty much bought it to keep out competition from their other store on Cemetery. Krogers just gave the listing to a company but won’t allow another grocery store. Mill Run still has plenty of retailers and restarurants there. Check out http://www.mill-run.com. Has anyone been to the Movie Tavern? It’s sweet.

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