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CU Podcast #30: Craftin Outlaws 2009

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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In this week’s podcast we sit down with several of the ladies who are organizing this year’s Craftin Outlaws event, including Megan Green, Jill Brown, and Emily Westenhouser. The fifth annual edition of this alternative craft fair takes place on Saturday, October 17th at the Lodge Bar and features a wide range of vendors, games, prizes and more.

You can use the player below to listen to the podcast, click here to download an mp3, click here to subscribe via iTunes, or click here to subscribe to the rss feed.

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  • I love all of these crafty ladies!  in Columbus, we are so lucky to have so many great creative minds in one place. 
    Craftin Outlaws is not this saturday, but on the 17th.  Be there!

  • lizless

    I love all these ladies too! I’ll be there!

  • i wonder if there’s still space in craft corner deathmatch for our team “Battlestar Craftlactica”

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love Craftin’ Outlaws, AND I’d go to this thing…NEXT Sat. 10/17… but I’d be there for the Sticky Bun/Raddog challenge alone. It KILLS me. Nice podcast, I especially like hearing the traffic going by and the truck brakes. Really, I like that stuff.

  • Yeah, sorry. In the podcast I said “this Saturday” because originally we were thinking about putting this up next Thursday, but thought that might not give people enough time to listen to it in advance of the event, so it went up this week instead. So the event date (17th) is listed correct up top where the podcast is posted.

    So for now, just pretend that you’re listening to it…. FROM THE FUTURE! ;)

  • thanks for the podcast Walker. No worries about the date. We’ll see you NEXT Saturday!
    amy-i’d be more than happy to reunite the battlestar team.

  • stinkybomb, i’m in if you are!

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