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CU Podcast #29: The Small Business Beanstalk

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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In this week’s podcast we sit down with several of the folks behind the Small Business Beanstalk, a local business co-op that serves members with a network of business-to-business resources in order to allow members to focus on growth. The podcast participants include SBB Founder Wolf Starr, Director of Development Charles Erickson, and SBB Farmer Kristen Radu.

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  • drew

    Sounds like a potentially interesting service… what’s the cost of membership?

  • TheSBB

    The service is free for individuals and $75 a month for members.  Discounts are available.  alex@thesbb.com for more info.

  • People to Watch: Timothy Wolf Starr
    Wednesday, August 25, 2010
    By Chris DeVille

    “For five years, I learned how to be an entrepreneur.”

    Timothy Wolf Starr fondly recalls his days learning the ropes of small business by working for an array of upstart companies: asphalt paving, sealer manufacturing, distribution, food service and – his favorite – Christmas lights installation.


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