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CrimsonCup is now Ohio State’s official coffee

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Dispatch wroteCrimsonCup is OSU’s official coffee

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Greg Ubert and Armando Escobar have a long history with Ohio State University and will be going back this fall, but not to study. The founders of CrimsonCup, who met 18 years ago when Escobar was working at the old student union, will be providing products and training coffee-shop managers and employees at several venues on OSU campuses.

The new contracts will make CrimsonCup the brew you buy at the cafe in the new Thompson Library when it opens in 2009, as well as the Science and Engineering Laboratory, the OSU MarketPlace at 1578 Neil Ave. and the new Warner Library and Student Center on the Newark campus.

“OSU’s Eat Global, Buy Local campaign — by which we do as much as we can with local industry to support the Ohio economy –ensures that we give operations such as CrimsonCup a look.”



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