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Crew start strong with win over TFC

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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MLSnet.com wroteCrew start strong with win over TFC

03/29/2008 6:29PM

By Nathan Linton

The Columbus Crew got their 2008 Major League Soccer season off to a positive start, getting goals from Adam Moffat and Alejandro Moreno for a 2-0 victory against Toronto FC and a win in the first installment of the “Trillium Cup” Saturday afternoon at Crew Stadium.

Moffat scored the first goal of the new season midway through the first half and Moreno finished off the victory with a smooth finish 14 minutes from the end. In between, Crew goalkeeper Will Hesmer held firm, including saving a penalty kick seconds before halftime.


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  • mc5

    It was a great game to be a Crew fan. Beautiful sun, clear blue skies, and lots of excitement with our own supporters groups having an excellent turnout and also all the Toronto fans filling the south stands.

    Way to go Crew! Lots of guys are coming into their own. I think we’ll have a lot of contributors on this team. The young kids like Eddie Gaven and Robbie Rogers were dangerous. Our workhorses like Alejandro Moreno and Will Hesmer produced like they must for this team to succeed. We even had relatively unknown guys come up big, like Adam Moffatt scoring the first goal in MLS 2008.

    Exciting things to come. Let’s hope Columbus can show what a cosmopolitan city we are and support this team and this sport.

  • Walker

    The Dispatch wroteEven their team’s loss barely dulled Canadians’ verve

    Sunday, March 30, 2008


    They chanted, waved flags and turned the south end of Crew Stadium red.

    And, before that, they marveled at the cheap beer.

    “We got a jug of beer for $8 (Friday) night,” said James McMullen, who drove seven hours to see his beloved Toronto FC play the Columbus Crew yesterday.

    “Back home we pay double that. So, yeah, we’re enjoying ourselves.”

    McMullen, 33, was one of an estimated 2,300 Toronto fans in town for the Crew’s home opener yesterday. That’s thought to be the largest contingent of visiting fans at a regular-season game in Major League Soccer history.

    The final score — a 2-0 Crew win — seemed almost secondary.


  • cab124

    If the team can continue to post some wins, and the weather cooperates, I’ll it won’t be long before we begin to see some crowds up in the 18-20k range for the Saturday evening games.

  • Walker

    soccerlens.com wroteMLS’s Show and Biz

    Mar 31 2008

    Written by Dan Leo

    Saturday, March 29th marked the opening kick-off of the 13th MLS season, the United States’s and Canada’s top professional soccer (football) league.

    As I had pointed in my previous pieces, the league isn’t considered a true “major” sports league in the US, if one only judges it from paid attendance and gross financial revenues (aka turnover).

    Moreover, MLS has struggled mightily to attract a hard core soccer fan over its existence. If one were to make comparisons to the top world leagues, the overall quality of soccer just wasn’t there for the duration of its run. That in turn greatly affected the economic aspect of the sport.


  • mc5
  • David

    I love The Crew!!!!! :D

  • LauraA

    i only saw a few minutes of the game, but it could b a promising season. i will watch either way.

  • Walker

    The Alive wroteWhat we know after two Crew games

    By Chris DeVille

    April 10, 2008

    The good news: The Crew took care of business and knocked off lowly Toronto FC 2-0 in Columbus’ home opener March 29.

    The bad news: Columbus fell by the same score to New York in the Red Bulls’ home opener last weekend.


  • Walker

    The Dispatch wroteCrew able to hang on through a wild finish

    Sunday, April 13, 2008


    About 15,000 seats, give or take, went unfilled in Crew Stadium last night. About the same number of soccer fans might be kicking themselves today after missing the most wildly entertaining game played by the Crew in years.

    The Crew beat Chivas USA 4-3 to start 2-0 at home for only the second time in the stadium’s 10-year history. It got two goals from Robbie Rogers. Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Alejandro Moreno also scored.

    Sacha Kljestan, Paulo Nagamura and Jesse Marsch scored for Chivas USA, but two players were ejected in the final 10 minutes. Another, Maykel Galindo, pushed referee Ricardo Salazar during the ensuing altercation. At final count, Salazar showed eight yellow cards and two red cards.

    A combination of miserable early-spring weather and indifference to a habitually mediocre team kept fans away. Only 6,733, many of them Hispanic and a sizable portion Chivas fans, showed up. It was a record low for a Major League Soccer game in Columbus.


  • Walker

    crewonespot.blogspot.com wroteMorning Afterthoughts: Game 3 – Chivas USA

    SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2008

    It was a night that was filled with ejections (on the field and in the stands), power outages, and goals galore. Quite simply, it was a fantastic time in the Nordecke. In the end, it left non-Crew-yet-MLS fans sounding like Buster Bluth talking to Lucille Austero: “Did you always have all those…points?”

    And as I am wont to do, I am re-watching the game and keeping a running diary of my thoughts. Here we go…


  • mc5

    Thanks for posting this Walker… Its a great humorous rehash of the game/coverage. There’s a lot of other funny stuff on the blog as well. People who would like to download the Crew-Chivas game to watch along, or other soccer games/shows can check out torrents.huntparkinsider.com and sign up to download recorded game files.

    It was an awesome game to be at, truly. Schelotto, the Crew’s star from Argentina was named MLS Player of the Week after Saturday night’s performance.

    The fans in the Northeast Corner supporters sections are just as passionate as “football” fans in Europe, which give the place a fun atmosphere. Its an experience people in Columbus should check out if they haven’t been to Crew Stadium in awhile.

    The Crew will be on ESPN 2 this thursday night @ 8PM at DC United. If you’re feeling social a nice group of fans gets together at Tommy Keegan’s in the Brewery District to watch the away games.

    Prelude to DC UNITED VS.CREW:

    the zen of zip-six

    1 – let not the moderators

    smite you down, flames and trolls

    D.C. United the vaguely fascist crest and flags alike

    McBride has struck to break

    the bouncing hearts of bouncing fools

    and as such will guillermo

    in this decrepit ball park fallen.

    from Ohio’s open spaces

    scarved supporters with pitchforks

    aim at thee:

    Our whiskey [and beer] rebellion.

    Ye shall fall, washington.

  • Walker

    roecken.ca/blog wroteColumbus Away

    14 Apr 2008 10:27 pm

    It’s been two weeks now since our beloved TFC trip, but I knew I had to still make mention of it at some point on my site. 2500 fans from Toronto, driving 7 hours through the Ohio heartland. We left early Saturday (March 29). I woke up at 3:30am and by the time all 4 of us were rounded up, it was 5:30am. A little Red Bull and we were ready to go.


  • mc5

    Crew beat DC United at RFK 2-1 live on ESPN2

    For real. Columbus is top of the league.


  • Walker

    mc5 wroteFor real. Columbus is top of the league.



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