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Could Columbus be getting a Microsoft Store?

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Microsoft announced plans last week for launching their own branded retail stores, similar to Apple’s stores. Some retail experts are labeling this as a fairly risky move for Microsoft due to how much of an impact the recession has had on the electronics retail sector.

Does anyone think Columbus could be one of the first test markets to see one of these new stores pop up? If so, where do you think it might be located?

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  • They’d probably put their store at Polaris.

  • That’s what I’m thinking too. There or Easton.

  • columbusdreamer

    For a tech company to not be looking to the future is like a harvard BA student applying for a job at Macs. I think they will do their homework and understand the Urban Renaissance that is taking place in the city. The place to be in five yrs or less will be Dwtwn. Its the place to be right now as far as Im concerned just not everyone knows it.  They will put it downtown  or between SN and Campus.

  • columbusdreamer

    My concern is will this increase prices on already prices PCs and software.

  • JonMyers

    I can’t see anything about Microsoft’s US brand perception that aligns with urbanism. The Microsoft store will probably be as successful as MS’s last me too product – The Zune.

  • columbusdreamer

    I have to admit MS is behind Mac is every way but I think they will make strides in the right direction with the new guy they just hired for the stores

  • The new guy they hired came from WalMart. Which makes me REALLY doubt they’re going to set up anywhere that doesn’t have ample parking in lot-form right outside their front door.

    Now that my household has gone mac-only, the only reason I could see myself hitting the MS store would be to find Xbox360 games. Even then I doubt their selection is going to be any different than Best Buy or Gamestop or MicroCenter or Target.

  • CapitalE

    Agreed about the parking.  With Sony Style and Apple at Easton, will they consider anywhere else?  Was at the Sony store last week and saw their new mini Vaio – actually pretty darn cool.

  • gramarye

    I don’t know what MSFT would gain by locating downtown.  They’d be closer to a larger number of customers at Easton, Polaris, or Tuttle.  There’s nothing about a Microsoft store that suggests greater appropriateness for an urban environment vis-a-vis a suburban one.  They’re not a boutique, and their products are not necessarily more appealing to an urban customer base than a suburban one.

  • Good point! I’d forgotten about the Sony Style store at Easton.

  • pez

    Regardless of where they put it, it’ll fail. The Apple store is successful for several reasons that don’t apply to Microsoft:
    1. At the time they opened, Apple had a limited retail presence with the exception of Micro Center and a few other retailers. Microsoft products are everywhere.
    2. Apple Stores have a service department to generate $$$. Microsoft won’t have this.
    3. Apple sells at, and holds it’s resellers to Minimum advertised pricing. Microsoft doesn’t do it as well, but will have to sell at list price to prevent upsetting the distribution channel.
    4. Apple Stores sell products you can pick up, hold and fall in love with. When is the last time you did that with a Microsoft Word box?

    The good part is, they will come in and sign 5 year leases, do a ton of property improvements and leave some landlord with a nice piece of real estate to offer to the next tenant.

  • Rockmastermike

    i thought there were already several MS stores around town: Bestbuy, circuit city, nearly all of the small computer stores, etc…etc… What do they think they can possibly gain by opening yet another computer store that sells exclusively MS products? Doesn’t matter where they put it, it’s a stupid idea, so it might as well go out in the middle of nowhere. If they open downtown it’ll just leave a hole when they close it down.

  • There were places to buy Apple products before we got an Apple store, right?

    But yea… they’re going to have to offer something unique to keep people from just buying their computer junk at Walmart.

    Besides, does anyone really crave Microsoft hardware? I’ve got a Microsoft USB mouse… but I got it because it was cheap, not because of the brand name.
  • Rockmastermike

    I dunno.  i’m really in the market for an MP3 player that bricks itself every now and then because it can’t tell time correctly. Geez, who WOULDN’T want something that cool?!

  • I think Microsoft would do better to partner with a big box electronics store (like Best Buy) and create a space inside that provides the consumer experience they’re trying to evoke and includes all the products under their brand.  Kind of like how banks are set up inside grocery stores.

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