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COTA Unveils New Downtown Headquarters

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Central Ohio Transit Authority is celebrating the grand opening of their new administrative headquarters this morning at 33 North High Street near the corner of Broad & High. In addition to housing new office space for the organization, the ground floor of the building will serve as the new COTA Pass Sales Center and Customer Information Center.

The new location has undergone some extensive renovations and updates and COTA is currently seeking LEED Silver Certification for the building. Some of the new building features include energy-saving lighting, building controls for energy conservation, the recycling of construction materials, water-saving fixtures and an open floorplan that maximizes natural lighting.

All employees who are being relocated to the building are being asked to take COTA to and from work, as no parking spaces are being provided for employees.

More information can be found online at www.cota.com.

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  • heresthecasey

    not a fan of the new logo

  • Me either. The new building looks really nice though, and the location is perfect for COTA.

  • heresthecasey

    @Walker, Agreed

  • Updated the original post with a few extra photos from earlier today.

  • I’m not a big fan of the font type for the logo, but I like the image of the statehouse.  Would you rather have made the “O” in COTA a block-O?

  • futureman

    That’s a great looking building and an amazing location for COTA.

  • johnwirtz Says: I’m not a big fan of the font type for the logo, but I like the image of the statehouse.

    When I think of the Statehouse in relation to COTA, all I can think of is the fact that the Statehouse is just FINALLY allowing for the installation of bus shelters in the year 2010. Not something I would put in the logo.

    I think the Statehouse is supposed to represent a centralized hub, which I think is more than apparent through COTA’s relocated administrative offices. I would think that COTA is poised to grow more regionally over the next 10-20 years, and would expect any sort of branding or communication to try to reflect that. I think the Statehouse is a bit of a weird symbol to be adding right now.

  • cc

    Nice to see that building renovated. It had gotten to be quite a bit run down the last time I was in it (it was mostly empty after URS moved to the Arena District).

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