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COTA Placing Levy Renewal on November Ballot

Walker Evans Walker Evans COTA Placing Levy Renewal on November BallotPhoto via COTA.
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The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) announced yesterday that it will be placing a levy renewal on the November 8th general ballot this fall. The levy asks voters to renew COTA’s quarter-percent sales and use tax, which is otherwise set to expire on March 31st in 2017.

“In order for COTA to maintain the level of service we are providing today and to position the Authority to meet the needs of our growing region, it is imperative that we renew the ¼% sales tax for another 10 years,” said COTA President and CEO Curtis Stitt.

Voters first approved the levy in 2006, creating the additional funding source for COTA for a decade to help the organization impliment its Long-Range Transit Plan. Since then, COTA has doubled service levels, replaced much of its bus fleet with new vehicles, reconstructed operational facilities, and implemented new service like the Night Owl and the CBUS Circulator. Next week, COTA will launch AirConnect, a new Downtown-Airport shuttle route for travelers.

In response to the increased service, ridership levels have also increased. In 2014, COTA logged 19.3 million passenger trips, the highest level seen since 1986.

“We are pleased with the accomplishments since residents approved additional funding for COTA in 2006,” added Stitt. “We look forward to building upon that success.”

For more information, visit COTA.com.

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  • traviscols

    With COTA being our main source of transit in the city, it’s imperative that we continue to help support them and pass this levy.
    Now, if this passes, COTA should really look into adding 24 hour service, for at least a few of the main routes.
    I also hope they are still planning on implementing their plan to move some busses off of High Street. There are entirely too many buses on High Street at any given time.


  • JMan

    Continuing better service, real time tracking, on board payment options, and BRT. Go Cota!

  • begreenandhealyourself

    All Cota needs to do is (way for it) put on the ballot we are seeking to install monorail. It will win by a land slide. MONORAIL!

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