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COTA #21 Night Owl Line Expands to German Village

Walker Evans Walker Evans COTA #21 Night Owl Line Expands to German Village
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Starting on January 3rd, 2011, the Central Ohio Transit Authority will be expanding their #21 late-night weekend bus line southward through Downtown and into German Village.

“We are extending the Night Owl from simply running between Whetstone Park and the Arena District to include German Village and Brewery District,” said Beth Berkemer, Public and Media Relations Manager at COTA.

The Night Owl will run in 30 minute headways on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm through 3am. The expansion brings the bus southbound on High to Sycamore, where it will turn and head west to Front Street. The line will run northbound on Front through the Brewery District back up to Livingston where it will reconnect over to High Street.

“We are also going to start the new Night Owl hours for New Year’s Eve,” added Berkemer.

More information about all of the service changes taking place on January 3rd can be found in this Service Change Document (PDF). Information about the #21 can be found on Page 30 of the document.

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  • christin

    yay!  still not quite stumbling distance for me coming home since I’m all the way down in MV, but I won’t mind the walk to catch the Northbound.

  • Jeftrokat

    Outstanding!  I’m glad to see this trend continue!

  • A VERY GOOD move in the right direction.

  • tourist19

    That is excellent!  Would be even more excellent if they came down to Whitter, then over to Front, but it’s a good start.

  • this is great news! i used the #21 last weekend. great way to get home safely after a few drinks in the short north or soon german village:)

  • That’s awesome.  Now if they could extend it to the North border of Beechwold so I could get to and from Bob’s Bar….

  • ehill27

    Good stuff.  Hope they can extend service beyond Fri-Sat next.

  • Good news!  There are more places to have fun the the Short North on the weekends!

  • boobah

    Leave requests for the extensions you want!  They really do log them and send them to COTA’s Planning Department – I swear! It has worked for me!

    (614) 228-1776

  • mrsgeedeck

    Whomever thought to photoshop a little hat and tuxedo on the owl for the New Year’s ad is brilliant. Certainly gave me a laugh this afternoon!

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