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Corner Stone Carryout Coming to Olde Towne East

Walker Evans Walker Evans Corner Stone Carryout Coming to Olde Towne East
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Beer enthusiasts just got a new reason to come to Olde Towne East. And Olde Towne East enthusiasts just gained another reason to drink more beer.

Corner Stone is the name of a new craft beer and wine retail shop opening at the corner of Oak and Parsons in mid-February. The business is a new venture from the owners of The Tavern, a popular new bar and restaurant that opened a few blocks away on Oak Street last spring.

“It’s no secret that we love Olde Towne East,” said Corner Stone co-owner Krista Sparks. “We are all long-time residents of the neighborhood, and we have often griped about having to drive outside of OTE to buy good wine or beer to enjoy at home. We decided to open the Corner Stone in order to provide residents with a more convenient and unintimidating shopping destination for wine and craft beer.”

Corner Stone will open with over 450 different bottled wines and 200 different beers. Discounts will be offered for case purchases, and beers can be combined to create mix-and-match six packs.

“Although the main focus will be retail, we will have a cozy bar area for guests to relax in and sample new beers and wines,” said Sparks. “Our main goal is to provide a super comfortable environment for people to browse, ask questions, learn more from our staff, and pick the perfect beer or wine to take home.”

The draft selection will feature a rotating group of six beers available for growler fills.

“Our drafts will focus on limited releases, draft-only offerings, and local beers,” said Sparks. “In addition, we will carry a small assortment of wine and beer-related gifts.”

Corner Stone will be the latest to open in a string of new beer-centric businesses that include The Daily Growler, BRU and Seventh Son. The group will also soon be joined by The Pint House Beer Garden this spring. The owners of Corner Stone see the growing trend as a positive thing for the community.

“Tasting beer has become as complex an art as tasting wine,” said Sparks. “And as great local breweries continue to pop up in Columbus, people will continue to grow more passionate about beer.”

Once open in mid-February, Corner Stone will operate Monday through Thursday from 11am to 9pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 10pm, and closed on Sunday.

More information can be found online at www.cornerstonecolumbus.com.

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  • stephentszuter


  • Baker

    That’s great to hear. Those of us in German and Merion Villages are also in need of more places like this in the area. I’ll have to check it out when it opens.

  • Stephen43215

    Olde Towne East is moving on up! I hope turning Parsons into a one way doesnt hurt the shops setting up along the strip.

  • I don’t believe that section of Parsons is going one-way.

  • mbeaumont

    Wow! Great news! Congrats to OTE residents, this will be a very welcome addition, I’m sure!

  • [email protected]

    The one way access road is going to be behind those businesses. They will be adjacent to the free with one on the east side of the freeway and another on the west side of the freeway. Of course this could all change by the time the work actually starts.

  • I thought OTE was a dry area or is that just for the hard stuff?

  • There are dry areas of Main Street, but I believe most of OTE is not dry. There are plenty of full service bars in that area already… Black Creek, Carabar, AWOL, Yellow Brick and Tavern to name a few…

  • Stephen43215

    OOh thats great to hear that Parsons is not going one way. It seems like alot of locals are setting up shop in this area of OTE.

  • AlexJCorwin

    Couldn’t be happier by this news! My wife and I moved into the neighborhood in December and continue to be happy with the progress. THANK YOU KRISTA AND COMPANY!

  • staindson7

    I am not just saying this because I live in Olde Towne East, but… there are not many affordable neighborhoods in this city with beautiful and historic architecture like ours that are walking and biking distance to downtown with thriving independent businesses, a diverse make up of folks that are friendly (yes friendly)and community minded. I welcome this new business with open arms and invite people to check out Olde Towne if you want truly affordable housing close to downtown and Bexley.

  • hdtvohio

    If you are reading this owners of The Tavern and soon to be owners of Corner Stone, please carry as many Ohio wines as possible, including Maize Valley! Too many of us folks from around Ohio have a hard time finding our local winery wines in stores. Everybody carries a few Ohio wines, but it would be great if you carried a LOT of them!!!

  • hdtvohio

    Oh and what space are they moving into?

  • They’re moving into a former tattoo shop. SW corner of Oak and Parsons.

  • stephentszuter
  • Now open! Stop in before 10pm to check em out!

  • Coy

    This is the greatest thing that has ever happened ever.

  • Coy

    Pear cider. make it happen please. Wyders, Fox Barrel…

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