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Construction Roundup: Short North, University District & More

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup: Short North, University District & MoreThe foundation and underground parking garage are under construction at a new mixed-use property at Gay & High in Downtown Columbus.
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Construction cranes have sprouted up all over Columbus like steel trees as a number of significant urban development projects have simultaneously gotten under way. Many of them are concentrated along High Street through the Short North and University District neighborhoods, which this installment of our Construction Roundup series is focused upon.

Check out more projects, information and construction photos below.

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All photos by Walker Evans.


The first two stories have rise at the six-story Brunner Building in the Short North.


Exterior work is progressing at the five-story Highline on Nine building in the University District.


The ground floor of the six-story Wellington building has risen in the University District at 16th and High.


The foundation has been dug out for a new five-story mixed-use building at Lane & High.


Another view of the The Wellington building at 16th and High.


New apartments and parking are under construction in the background while ground is cleared in the foreground for a new six-story building.


Another view of the new five-story Highline on Nine building from the rear.


Foundation work has begun on the new six-story mixed-use building going up at High and Seventh.


The first of six stories has risen at a new apartment building under construction at Third and High in the Short North.


Construction is under way at The Castle, a new mixed-use building located in The Short North.


Renovation work has begun on the Weisheimer Building in Downtown Columbus.


The foundation and underground parking garage are under construction at a new mixed-use property at Gay & High in Downtown Columbus.


Another view of the The Wellington building at 16th and High.


Construction continues at The Manchester, a new five-story mixed-use building in Grandview Yard.


New single-family homes from Wagenbrenner are under construction at The Homes on Pullman Way in Grandview Yard.


Exterior work is under way at the five-story 828 on the Yard condo building in Grandview Yard.


Another view of the five-story Manchester building in Grandview Yard.


The seven-story Hubbard Park Place building has begun to rise from the ground in Victorian Village.

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  • traviscols

    Love to see the positive momentum continue!!
    Up, up and away!

  • jman

    Good job Walker!

  • GeeKey

    What is going on at 404 E Main, where the Klean-A-Kar used to be? Also, what is going on at 330 Oak? Which plan was finally approved for this site?

  • jman

    CBS news just ranked the top ten cities for finance, healthcare, and technology, and we’re not on the list. Indianapolis is # 2 for heathcare.

    • jman
      • jman


        • jman

          Not even Cleveland or Cincy mentioned. Why do people look down on Ohio so much I wonder? Why is it always Austin or etc.?

          • jman

            Is our brainpower less? Our standard of living, substandard?

          • Stephen Francis

            This is just raw numbers. Not a whole lot of subjectivity to it. Talk to the people in the healthcare, finance, and technology industries and see why other markets may pay more. I really don’t think this says anything about the brainpower as much as the types of jobs our city has.

          • jman

            Yes, that’s probably the case. Here’s a new office building in DC near Dupont Circle – it just won an international architecture award. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9f4812450f4e0c2fe075174ba876f7a0e2b01c4d9a8154762093fb21056ac25.jpg

          • Bunny VonTussle

            Who cares? If everybody knew how great Columbus was they would all want to live here, and frankly, I think we are just about full.

          • http://www.columbusunderground.com Walker Evans

            Re: “Full”

            The Columbus MSA has a lower population density than Detroit, New Orleans, Denver, Salt Lake City and others.

            We’ve got room to grow.


    • Stephen Francis

      This is a list cities with most disposable income after living expenses. So high income and low living costs leaves a larger amount of disposable income. It can be any number of factors that make that the case but more or less, it means that generally these other places probably pay much more in these industries more and have lower living costs.

      As for Indy, they have quite a bit of medical research and Indiana is one of the top (it was the top in 2012 but I’m not sure if it maintained that status) biomedical device producers in the country, which includes companies in the Indianapolis metro. Eli Lily may sway it as well.

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