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Construction Roundup: Short North, University District & Grandview Yard

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup: Short North, University District & Grandview YardThe Brunner Building rises over High Street in the Short North — Photo by Walker Evans.
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Earlier this month, we profiled construction updates from both Downtown and the Near East Side, but did not get a chance to focus on a few neighborhoods where development is currently most active. So in this installment, we’re featuring photos from Italian Village, Victorian Village, the Short North, University District and Grandview Yard areas.

Check out more projects, information and construction photos below.

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All photos by Walker Evans.

Construction continues on new single family homes at Pullman Way in Grandview Yard.

Another view of the new homes at Pullman Way.

The exterior of The Manchester Building is nearly complete in Grandview Yard.

The new five-story 828 on the Yard condo building continues with construction at Grandview Yard.

New apartments are under construction at Jeffrey Park in Italian Village.

New Jeffrey Park homes for sale are under construction.

A new parking structure is under construction to support new residences at Jeffrey Park.

A view of the former UDF parking lot in the Short North, which has been cleared for new development.

The seven-story Hubbard Park Place building rises in Victorian Village.

A new residential building is under construction at Third and High in the Short North.

The Castle, a new mixed-use development in the Short North, is under construction on High Street.

Exterior work nears completion at The Highline on Nine building in the University District.

Another view of the new Highline on Nine building near OSU.

The former Taco Bell near OSU has been cleared to make way for a new six-story mixed-use building.

The Wilson is a new five-story mixed-use building rising at Lane and High.

The Wellington building is under construction on High Street, adjacent to OSU.

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  • jman

    Glad for the photos and Walker did a great job with it. But most of this is bland, boring 2-4 story matchbox stuff per usual in Cbus. Sad. Like architecture to match our overcast skies and blah winters.

    • cucbus

      Dude, you are so negative. You complain about these projects being bland but then you complain about Millennial Tower being outdated and boring. Do you complain about everything in life? Try finding the positives in things. You will enjoy life much more that way.

      • jukied

        Yeah, I saw this guy complaining about the Millennial Tower the other day, too. Can’t win with some people :)

    • traviscols

      Every city has positives and negatives and each city has its own set of circumstances that drive different things at different times.
      *Be thankful we live in a growing city with its best days ahead of it. Most big cities in our region are headed in the wrong direction.
      Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride…
      Everything is going to be just fine- maybe even great!

  • Caleb Ross

    If I could use an emoji to describe this (they are the best way to communicate according to my generation) it would get the in love emoji where the eyes are hearts.

  • jukied

    Do you know what they’re doing behind Harrison apartments there on Lane (not at Tuttle and Lane, a different site behind the apartment complex)? One day there was a building there and the next it was torn down. I haven’t seen anything about what’s going up, I assumed more apartments.

  • Bob McKenna

    The midwest, central Ohio and Columbus are lucky to have this construction activity. It improves the region as a destination for work, housing and economic growth. Lets rejoice and celebrate each and every project that brings jobs, population and wealth to our region.

    • traviscols

      I agree, Bob… With so many cities in the Northeastern part of the country and in the Midwest losing population, we should consider ourselves lucky to live in one of the bright spots.

  • traviscols

    Hey Walker/Brent…
    I noticed the “Stop and Shop” at the corner of North High and 9th has recently closed and they have put up a fence around the property…
    Do you know if they are prepping it to be tore down?

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