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Construction Roundup: March 2014 Part 2

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup: March 2014 Part 2View on Fifth townhomes are under construction on Holly Avenue in 5xNW. Photos by Walker Evans.
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The second half of this month’s Construction Roundup features photo updates on the following development projects:

  • Jeffrey Park – The first apartment building in a larger 41-acre 1,350-unit residential project.
  • The Fireproof – A five-story 47-unit mixed-use apartment building at High & 2nd in the Short North.
  • Weinland Park Rowhouses – A block of 24 rowhouse buildings being rehabbed by Wagenbrenner.
  • The View on High – A five-story 64-unit mixed-use development at High & 18th near OSU.
  • Neil & Tompkins Apartments – New 17-unit building in Old North Columbus.
  • Norwich Flats – A five-story 56-unit apartment building just north of OSU by Tuttle Park.
  • The View on Fifth – A six-story 285-unit mixed-use development at Fifth & Holly in 5xNW.
  • Grandview Yard Apartments – An additional set of 120 apartment units in three four-story buildings.
  • Grandview Yard Retail – A 92,000 square foot Giant Eagle on Third Avenue with surrounding retail.
  • Columbia Gas HQ – Two new six-story office buildings at Nationwide & Neil in the Arena District.
  • Aston Place & Aston Flats – 69 residential units in two new buildings at Dennison & 3rd in Victorian Village.
  • The Joseph – An 11-story hotel and six-story office building located in the Short North.

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A west-facing view of the land where the first Jeffrey Park apartment building is now under construction.


Construction continues on The Fireproof mixed-use apartment development in The Short North.


East 11th Avenue is under construction in Weinland Park where Wagenbrenner is redeveloping a block of rowhouses.


The foundation work is underway on The View on High mixed-use development.



Construction work continues on the Norwich Flats apartment development just north of Lane Avenue next to Tuttle Park.


An older warehouse building was just demolished on Fifth Avenue to make room for the development of The View on Fifth.


Townhomes are under construction on Holly Avenue, as the back portion of The View on Fifth development.


Construction continues on new apartment buildings at Grandview Yard.


More construction begins at Grandview Yard, at the southeast corner of Third and Edgehill.


Retail development is under way in front of the Grandview Yard Giant Eagle.


Work continues on the new Columbia Gas HQ in the Arena District.


The first floor of The Fireproof building in the Short North is under way.


Construction continues on Aston Place (left) and Aston Row (right) in Victorian Village.


A back-side view of the new Joseph office building in The Short North.


A High Street view of the new Joseph hotel building in The Short North.


A back-side view of the new Joseph office building in The Short North.

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  • adunfee79

    I love these roundups. I noticed you might be missing the new fitness center/mixed-use site at the corner of Parsons and Livingston. They seem to be making pretty good progress on the shell and framing.

    • Yes, thanks for the reminder! I’ve been by there recently, but haven’t had a chance to stop and get a photo.

      When I do these roundups, I usually do them all in one day, which means that unless I have 3 or 4 hours free, I don’t get a chance to hit every single site every single month. ;) So I have to pick and choose which I have time for.

  • Circle8ght

    agreed that these roundups are great. i love watching the evolution of the city.

    what’s happening on greenlawn near the river (brewery district)? there are also several projects underway in german village (stewart elementary and the transformation of st. mary’s school on mohawk into the second largest private residence in columbus).

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