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Construction Roundup: Italian Village, Downtown & More

Walker Evans Walker Evans Construction Roundup: Italian Village, Downtown & MoreConstruction cranes in Downtown Columbus — Photo by Walker Evans.
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Part two of this month’s Construction Roundup photo update takes us through Downtown Columbus, Italian Village, the Near East Side and the Scioto Peninsula areas to find out what’s going on with new development around Columbus. A variety of apartment, condo, office, government and parking structures are currently under construction in each of these neighborhoods, with more on the way.

Check out more projects, information and construction photos below.

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All photos by Walker Evans.


The next phase of residential development is under way at Jeffrey Park in Italian Village.


More condos are under construction at 25 Jeffrey Park in Italian Village.


The View on Grant residential warehouse building will receive two additional floors on top of the original structure.


A group of buildings on East Long Street have been proposed for demolition and redevelopment recently.


The Neilston apartment building is the latest phase of the Neighborhood Launch project that is under construction Downtown.


This Long Street parking garage is undergoing renovations Downtown and will be reopened to the public once completed.


The City of Columbus is constructing a new eight-story parking garage at Long and Front Streets to support new office workers.


The new eight-story Coleman Government Center will house City of Columbus offices once completed.


Two 12-story condo buildings are under construction in The Arena District.


Another view of the new eight-story Coleman Government Center in Downtown Columbus.


The Ohio Veterans Memorial building has quickly taken shape near the Riverfront on the Scioto Peninsula.


The first of two LC Riversouth apartment buildings is well underway as the second building next door has officially gotten started.


A new five-story apartment building is nearly topped out at Front & Main Streets in the RiverSouth area of Downtown Columbus.


A new five-story apartment building is nearly topped out at Town and Fifth Streets in Downtown Columbus.


Another view of the new five-story mixed-use apartment building on Town Street.


A new parking garage is under construction at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to support additional future construction on their expanded campus.


New single-family homes are nearing completion at Poindexter Village on the Near East Side.


New mixed-use apartments are under construction on Mt. Vernon on the Near East Side.


Another view of apartments and homes under construction at Poindexter Village.

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  • traviscols

    Love the fact that there’s so much construction going on now that each month’s “construction roundup” has multiple parts!
    Progress, progress, progress!

    • cucbus

      The crazy thing is the two construction round up stories that were posted yesterday and today don’t even document everything going on. It’s unbelievable just driving up High Street and seeing how many construction cranes are up with more likely going up the near future.

      • traviscols

        I totally agree!
        I like to drive around and check out construction progress throughout parts of the city at least once a week… One day recently I tried to come up with a number on just how many projects are currently underway.
        We counted (mostly) everything from German Village, through Downtown and Short North (IV and VV included) and also the campus area. We counted every project as one (even if there are multiple buildings involved) and I only counted projects that have started, with at least dirt moving on-site.
        We were able to come up with over 100! (I wasn’t going to mention this on CU, because I thought it may sound as if I was exaggerating) but including it in response to your comment seems like the perfect place to bring it up.
        If you are pro-development as much as I am, it’s certainly an exciting time to live in Columbus!!

  • I was just downtown and surprisingly steel is already rising at Two25 Commons. Perhaps even more surprisingly is the stairwell and elevator cores for the second Lifestyle Communities building are starting to grow above street level.

    • cucbus

      Was there a crane base in place at Two25 yet? I drove past a few days ago and also saw some steel rising but no crane. Kind of interesting.

      Those elevator shafts have been in place at the second LC building for about two weeks now. It seems like they have been doing quite a bit of work on the foundation. Hopefully they start going up soon. The Swan Cleaners next door has also been demolished so hopefully we see that start to go up soon.

      Speaking of elevator shafts, I noticed the Park’s Edge elevator shafts are already up to about 8 or 9 stories. That one seems to be going up very quickly.

      • I did not see the crane base yet. I find it really weird too how the steel that is there is pretty much right in the center of the building and looks like it is about 20′ high now. I don’t think I’ve seen that before on any other buildings.

        Yes, I also saw the shafts for Park’s Edge but I expected them to go up fast considering how fast its twin was built. I was just more surprised by the LC building because the first one has been under construction for over 3 years now I think and has only just recently topped out.

        • cucbus

          That first LC building definitely took WAY too long and it’s still not done yet. I would imagine the second one will go up much quicker, but who knows.

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