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Does anyone know of any good consignment/vintage clothing stores that aren’t highly priced in this town? I am trying to find a dress that i can alter to make into my halloween costume, I am going to be a flapper (1920′s girl). I have been to all the halloween stores and just haven’t liked what i saw. I even thought about making my outfit but I don’t really want to go that route either. So I thought about just buying a dress and going from there. So I could use a lil help on this and it would soo greatly be appreciated since halloween is next weekend! hehe :wink:

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  • Anne

    Try Rag-O-Rama?

  • trucco

    Cathrens on high in the short north she’s got some great vintage stuff.I don’t know when she’s open though.I don’t even know if I spelled her name right?

  • Anne

    oh, I think it is Kathryn’s? A friend of mine went looking in their for her wedding dress but didn’t find anything.

  • Brewmaster

    Good job guys…if ItalianMama didn’t get that dress for Halloween ’05, she may be able to grab one in time for Halloween ’06. :lol:

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