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Confluence Park – Revamped and Reopened

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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From The Columbus Experience Blog:

A new spin on an old favorite: Confluence Park
By Kelly Brooks

After closing for winter on Dec. 26, Confluence Park did an overhaul of the facility, the menu and the events calendar. Their new upscale look and feel will be revealed on Friday, April 17 at a Grand Reopening. Confluence Park will host a free open house from 7-9 p.m. to showcase the new menu and the facility’s vendors. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres, DJ music, ice sculptures, cake displays and a cash bar will round out the night.

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  • drew

    I may be living in a cave, but I’ve never heard of anyone eating at this place… like, ever.

    Might this be part of the reason why?:


  • I’ve had some friends go in the spring/summer and they sat on the patio and really enjoyed the food and view. It’s a restaurant I never think of going to, but would like to try.

  • Drew… are you saying that it’s time for a CU Banquet Catering Corporate Function Meetup? ;)

  • drew

    Lemme guess – CU meet up special: Half price Bacardi and Coke, a bargain at only $12?

  • A CU YP mixer would be great here! Let’s network where the power brokers network!

  • joshlapp

    I’ve been to a wedding here. The location was amazing, they really do have some of the best views of downtown at night. The wedding? So, so but i think that was the people not the restaurant.

  • mstimple

    I’ve been there twice in the past.  It was average both times.  Both times I though that if the food and service were just a little better this place could really shine because of its unmatchable location.  It seemed that they were more concerned about the catering of weddings and such and that the restaurant was just a side note.  I look forward to trying again though.

  • zp945

    I’ve always thought that the right owners could make a killing with that view of downtown.  It’s really the only restaurant on the river in the city.  I was there for a wedding a few weeks ago and unless they made changes since then…I don’t know.  It feels way too outdated and stuffy for my wife and I to go for anything other than a catered event.  I’m willing to give it a shot because I wish I could take visitors to get a great meal on the patio.

  • I have been to a few business cocktail hours here and the view is killer, the patio seating is incredible, and there’s a lot of it! Although, I think the word “confluence” has got to be the ugliest word in the English language, so it’s too bad they had to keep that name. It sounds like an 18th Century disease. Though, with the right design and chef it could be something.

  • Stacky

    I took my parents there for Easter last weekend and we really enjoyed it. The service was great and our waiter said they are planning to try jazz nights and bbq on the patio in a few weeks. Drinks beside the firepit with jazz in the background and that view – I’m not sure I can think of much better right now.

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