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Community Card Discounts for Shopping Locally

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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  • Sumo

Looking for a good way to shop local for the holidays while also saving some money? The Small Business Beanstalk should be able to assist with their new “Community Card”. The card is free to obtain and provides locals with great deals at independent businesses located in the Short North, Clintonville, Dublin, Gahanna, and beyond. You can sign up for your own community card here and check out the full list of destinations and discounts here.

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  • This group is doing great work. I plan on picking one up today.

  • JackieC

    Anyone know if you sign up for this card how many cards you receive?

  • es212300

    The discounts are great!  I just signed up for mine!

  • After hopping online and signing up I realized my ability to remember all these awesome discounts would be greatly reduced with the addition of beer. *thinking—wouldn’t it be great if there was a list on the back of the card (check out the key-fob from The Crew) or some sort of sticker at the establishment to remind me.

    Admittedly: I spent no time looking to see it any of this might already exist—I apologize for any redundancy, CHEERS!

  • I see an iPhone app in this program’s future.

  • Due to the size of the key-fob we are unable to list all of the discounts on the back.  There are “SBB Community Card Accepted Here” stickers at all retail locations that offer a discount.  Thanks for your interest and continue to support your community.

  • Excited to spend with local retail through the SBB!

  • DavidF

    I signed up for mine.

  • geigondis

    I also just learned about and signed up for this thing called “Groupon” which is cool. They operate on the assumption of mass buying power.  So, they advertise a daily deal from a local shop and if enough people take advantage of it, everyone gets the Groupon. If not enough people take advantage, nobody’s card is charged. Today’s deal was for Paul Robinett candles.  They are usually $13 but the deal of the day was for $6. So, I bought two for less than the cost of one. Yummy smells….. Here is where you go: http://www.groupon.com/r/uu585665

  • lifeliberty

    anyone else been having problems with their website?  it seems painstakingly slow for me the last couple of days.

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