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Columbus Sports Have Grown Beyond OSU Football

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From The Daily Hunter Blog:

Yes, OSU football is king, but. . . this ain’t Fort Wayne
Posted by Bob Hunter

Saturday, both the Blue Jackets-San Jose Sharks game and the Ohio State-Minnesota basketball game sold out. That was more than 37,000 fans in two packed arenas four miles apart — and neither involved a punt or a first down. Friday night, the OSU men’s hockey game with Notre Dame drew 6,571 and the same two teams had over 6,000 again on Sunday. And a Wednesday night soccer game in Crew Stadium between the United States and Mexico is expected to have a capacity crowd of well over 20,000.

A lot of people outside of Columbus think the football Buckeyes are the only thing we care about and it’s simply not true. That’s an outdated notion from the days when this was just an overgrown college town and there are way too many of us here now.

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  • surber17

    Excellent article and I totally agree.  I already bought my Clippers tickets, and plan on going to as many Crew games as possible.

  • Agreed, very good article. A diverse sports scene will help to attract new residents to town who have a variety of different interests. 

  • columbusdreamer

    Fo sho! I don’t know how many clippers games i ll be going to but the Crew games are in trouble!  can we get the  Cavs down here?

  • jawjack187

    Good article. I think we are sorta like Memphis in that the new baseball stadium will present a new dynamic for our sports scene. The Clippers have really made a step up, and the partnership with the Tribe brings validity and a local fan base. I think an expansion NBA team is next for our city. Natural rivalry with Cleveland, and a real good youth and high school hoops fan base. Things are certainly looking up!

  • ratzo

    Yeah, this is definitely something that should be talked about more. Now if only the BJs can make it to the playoffs…

    And I’m totally excited about the new Clippers season.


  • Brewmaster

    I like Bob Hunter and his tireless rooting for other sports to develop in this city. 

    Columbus will always be a nice, quaint, small market sports town that revolves around Buckeyes football.  Being stuck in a pro-sports no-man’s land between Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincy, and Detroit makes it tough to ever think it’ll be anything more than a big college football town with a couple of secondary sports teams (NHL, AAA, and MLS).

  • Don’t forget the Memorial Tournament, which nationally is probably the second highest profile sporting event here (after Buckeye football).  And, in some circles, the Arnold is probably just as big.

  • columbusdreamer

    Radio when you add those events it does seem that we have a lot going on . We have two golfing PGA golfing events.   UFC is a big fan of Columbus | They had their biggest event in terms of the number of people who came.  We should look at adding a Tennis event maybe LPGA?  Whateve happen to the Race track in place of Cooper stadium

  • LPGA was here for years, but left after 2007(?) because Wendy’s didn’t have the sponsorship money (finger-in-the-chili fallout) and the tour commissioner wanted to focus on “larger markets”.  Isn’t UFC coming back as part of the Arnold?  I think the plan is still to build some sort of motor-sports complex at the Coop, but I haven’t heard anything about that in a while.  Aren’t the Schottensteins in on that?

  • Columbus market is prepared for more sports radio, experts say

    Even with the recent conversion of two Columbus radio stations to all-sports formats, station managers in the area aren’t worried about overplaying the topic.

    Central Ohio, they say, has been behind the curve, with fewer sports stations here than in similar markets.

    And residents have a keen interest in sports, they note, citing a recent report ranking the city the No. 1 sports market in the nation.

    That’s a major reason that WBNS decided late last month to begin broadcasting the all-sports programming of its 1460 AM (“the Fan”) on its FM frequency (97.1), too, said General Manager Dave Van Stone.

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