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Columbus Recognized as Top City for Equality by the Human Rights Campaign

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Recognized as Top City for Equality by the Human Rights CampaignComposite photo by Walker Evans.
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The Human Rights Campaign just released a new report that scores cities based on their fair and equal treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents. Columbus was one of 25 US cities to score a perfect 100 percent in this year’s results, an increase of the 2012 score of 83 percent.

“Our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents provide leadership, creativity and ingenuity to make Columbus great,” said Mayor Michael B. Coleman. “Protecting their rights and fighting for their equality is the least we can do.”

The HRC Municipality Equality index is based on 47 criteria that fall into the categories of nondiscrimination laws, relationship recognition, municipality’s employment and contracting policies, inclusiveness of city services, law enforcement and municipal leadership on matters of equality.

“Columbus’ hard work to raise the city’s score from 83 points last year to 100 points this year shows its dedication to ensuring that LGBT citizens are treated equally,” said Cathryn Oakley, HRC’s legislative counsel for state and municipal advocacy. “As a leader in Ohio and the region, Columbus demonstrates how much can be accomplished by a city who is dedicated to equality.”

Other Ohio cities on the index ranged from high to low scores, including Cincinnati (90), Cleveland (83), Toledo (70) and Akron (48).

More information can be found online at www.hrc.org.

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  • SteveKZ087

    This is great for the City, and great for its residents. Way to go Columbus!

  • johnson1797

    Perfect score yet can’t get married? Maybe not so perfect…

  • Unfortunately, marriage laws are not up to the City of Columbus. The rest of the state needs to support that to make it reality here. And it sounds like there’s a good chance it could be back on the ballot in 2014.

  • thomasjs4

    This is the most “likes” I’ve ever seen for a ColumbusUnderground article! Unbelievable news–woo hoo!

  • michael6076

    Let’s see.. if you DON’T work for Ohio State University, or work for the Federal Government (or a local contractor), or stay at Edwards Farms (or a myriad of other homophobic places and employers), Columbus should get the SAME rating as New York City, right?!!!
    As a former resident of Columbus, I can’t think of a WORST place for gay people to move to than Columbus! My partner of 10 years died after a 6-month illness and the only thing that I got out of it was an insurance paycheck! Ohio State University (although we were registered as domestic partners-and married legally in New York State) treated me as if I was just someone that was trying to “get over” on the system! –Don’t believe me? Check with the root of the problem, Kay Disbennett (Payroll) and Bob Hessenour (Personnel), and the Department of African American and African Studies! I was only able to get the insurance check because I dealt with the insurance company that was based in Minnesota! Edwards Farms would not let me out of my lease (which was dependent on my partner’s income). I had to continue to make monthly payments until the lease was over! I worked at DSC-Columbus for a local contractor and was treated rudely whenever I had a hospital emergency!
    I am now living in New York City, where I am actually treated like a HUMAN BEING! Ohio State is STILL holding onto my partner’s pension and remaining salary–realizing that Columbus is a backwards and homophobic city, they are now giving his mother a hard time about collecting any funds that are due (it has been SIX months)!
    I pray that any gay person that is out there ignore the HRCF rating and STAY AWAY from this hell-hole!! I wish that my partner had never been offered a job at Ohio State and had stayed where we were originally, in New York City. I am now tempted to stop the allotment that I was paying to HRCF, since they are apparently giving bad advice to gay people!!!

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