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Columbus Leads The Nation in Construction Jobs

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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According to an article in today’s Dispatch, Columbus added more construction jobs in 2010 than any other metro area in the US. 2,700 construction jobs were added on various projects around the region.

In December, we published a long list of urban development projects that were completed, under construction or announced in 2010.

CLICK HERE to read the full article at Dispatch.com.

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  • A renaissance revival city indeed. I’m really excited about Riversouth District.

  • anillo

    Awesome news =D More keep showing up too, like the North Star additions. And the planned Pizutti hotel.

  • Analogue Kid

    That’s great, but does Cleveland still lead the nation in drifters?

  • George Mattei

    The BEST part about this is the KIND of jobs they are.  They are driven by the expansion of some of our most well-known institutions that will provide strong economic impetus to the region even after the construction is done.  Projects like the OSU and Nationwide expansions and the new Convention Center Hotel will provide long-term growth opportunities far beyond building more general real estate (i.e. houses and strip malls) when there’s no demand for them. 
    Hopefully the new jobs created by these and other projects will stimulate the economy and bring more people to the region that can THEN stimulate other real estate construction.

  • OSUPhantom


    Private sector construction jobs are usually the signs of future prosperity so things look very good. It’s really a great time to live in Columbus.

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