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Columbus International Film Festival begins Sunday

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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UWeekly.com wroteFilm festival begins this Sunday

October 31, 2007

by UWeekly Staff

The 55th Annual Columbus International Film & Video Festival, the oldest in the US, begins this Sunday. The festival, started by progressive educators, has a continuing history of showing work that deals with issues of gender, sexuality, culture, labor relations, international politics, and the environment. The festival runs from Nov.4 – 11.

This year the festival has two free screenings: one at the Shamrock Club and the other at Germania, a German cultural and singing club.

“Little Brazil, Gort, Ireland” screening at The Shamrock Club, (60 West Castle Road, Columbus, OH) at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 4, is the fascinating story of one of Ireland’s newest and most unusual immigrant communities — the 1,500 or so Brazilians who live in the town of Gort.

To check out video clips of this year’s films, and for more information, log on to www.chrisawards.org.


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  • SusanB


    Thanks for the plug. The screening last night at the Shamrock Club was loads of fun and even got covered by WBNS-TV. They used a sound bite of me where I talked about Columbus as the Indie Art Capital of the World and that the Film Festival fits right into that.

    I’d like to invite everybody down to Germania Tuesday night for a free screening of a really nifty German film about opera and body size. It starts at 8PM and there will be really good German beer available as well as authentic German brats and kraut. Germania is located on South Front Street in the Brewery District right near the Krogers. If you live in the area and have never been to the Germania this is your chance to check out a nifty little club and pub in the downtown area. Everybody there is super friendly and lots of fun and I’m not even slightly German.


  • Walker

    chrisawards wroteThe screening last night at the Shamrock Club was loads of fun and even got covered by WBNS-TV. They used a sound bite of me where I talked about Columbus as the Indie Art Capital of the World and that the Film Festival fits right into that.

    Awesome! Was that on the news last night? Can anyone post a copy online? :D

  • SusanB

    From the Columbus International Film & Video Blog:

    KM said…

    mini-review: Columbus International Film & Video Festival screening on Sunday.

    The CIF&VFestival kicked off last night in fine, quirky form. The film was about Ireland, so the screening was held at the Shamrock Club, down on Castle Road. I had never been to the Shamrock Club before, and it didn’t fail to disappoint: the combination of friendliness and clannishness was pretty fun. It’s nice holding these film events in off-site type places, sometimes. It spices up the event a bit and guarantees that there’ll be a few non-hipsters there.

    The documentary was about Brazilian immigrants in Ireland. Seeing immigration in a context different than our current, charged U.S. one was refreshing. It seems the Irish have a little more compassion for immigrants due to their history of potato-rot-fueled emigration in the 1800s. But what happens when a third or a half of your Irish village becomes Brazilian? Leprechauns fighting favela gang lords in the streets? Apparently not. They seem to be making it work, which might be a lesson for us all.

    The next CIFVF screening is held this Tuesday at the Germania club (543 S. Front St.) at 8:00. They say beer and brats will be available, which make any film better.

    November 5, 2007 2:51 PM

  • Walker

    The Dispatch wrotePrizewinning documentary to highlight festival screenings

    Thursday, November 8, 2007


    Screenings of the winners in the 55th annual Columbus International Film and Video Festival will continue through the weekend at the Canzani Center of the Columbus College of Art & Design.

    The highlight of the annual Chris Awards screenings is the feature voted the best of the festival. This year’s winner, to be screened at 8 p.m. Saturday, is Becoming Woman in Zanskar .

    The documentary by Jean Michel Corillion tells the parallel stories of two young women living in the shadow of the Himalayas. One is betrothed to a man she hasn’t met; the other enters a convent to become a nun. The film chronicles the shattering of a strong friendship by changes of life that neither woman chose or accepted.

    For descriptions of all the Chris Award screenings, visit http://www.chrisawards.org.


  • SusanB

    Please note that the Dispatch article lists the wrong start time for Saturday’s film “Becoming A Woman In Zanskar”. The actual start time is 7:30 PM not 8:00 PM as listed in the Dispatch. Thanks.

  • Coremodels


    Although I’m unable to attend any of this stuff this time around, this is one of the cooler things I’ve seen on this site and look forward to being a huge fan, in attendance, in years to come.

  • SusanB

    Thanks, Coremodels. It’s too bad you can’t make any of the screenings this weekend. We just finished our Saturday Morning Cartoons From Around The World Program and it was a huge success. We had some 200 people and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Tonight’s film is going to fabulous and everyone that attends the movie gets invited to the reception that follows the film with a chance to eat and drink free Corona and wine and chat with the filmmakers attending the festival. That’s kind of a secret, we don’t advertise that fact but I figure it’s ok to let columbusunderground.com folks know after all the free pr Walker has given us. A big thank you to Walker for his fabulous support.


  • Scissor Circus

    The ChrisAwards kick unspoken ass. Columbus doesn’t know what it’s missing. This annual festival screens some of the best docs to grace sceens in our city, yet no one sems to know about it.

    The Saturday morning program (kids animated shorts) was a mass of art crazed youngsters from CCAD’s Saturday art school and others who flocked to see some very inspiring and original work. As a father myself, my kids and I loved it.

    Chrisawards…how about a podcast run-up for next years programming – to set the stage a bit for the rest of our town? Sundance does it – and now it seems highly possible for smaller fests to do online media as well.

    I look forward to Chrisawards-08.


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