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Columbus Food Adventures Gives Local Food Tours

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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Bethia Woolf is the food blogger behind Hungry Woolf, Taco Trucks Columbus and the newer Alt Eats Columbus. Her latest project serves as a bit of a departure though, as she’s making the jump from the online world into the real world with a new “food tourism” business.

Columbus Food Adventures is the name of that new business, which will serve as a food tour operation company beginning on July 27th. The tours will be guided, personalized experiences with some of the best restaurant and food vendors throughout Columbus.

“We have such an exciting, diverse food scene that I want to help show it off,” said Bethia. “Urban food tours are an exploding trend in larger cities, and it became obvious that Columbus needed a food tour business of its own.”

The three tour itineraries available at launch include:

  • A walking tour through the Short North
  • A van tour of various Taco Trucks in Columbus
  • A van tour features ethnic foods highlighted on Alt.Eats

Additional tours will soon be added, which include a tour of local microbreweries, a tour of local ice cream shops and a walking tour of the German Village area. Additionally, Columbus Food Adventures will offer seasonal and special private event tours.

For more information, or to purchase tickets to an upcoming tour event, visit ColumbusFoodAdventures.com. You can also follow them via Twitter or Facebook.

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  • Way to go, Bethia! I think this will be an extremely compelling addition to the Columbus culinary scene.

  • Yes, this is extremely awesome.

  • Bear

    The more I think about this, the more I think there’s a screaming need for this in all sorts of ways.  The steady flow of visitors coming to town is just the most obvious reason — there are a lot of businesses that could use these tours to draw new people here, the University could do tours for prospective graduate students, faculty members, and/or administrators, and given the interest that I’ve seen from people who live here in the taco trucks phenomenon it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find that residents constitute a significant percentage of the customers… all sorts of possibilities. Great news — really excited!

  • CheeseFoodie

    Way to go Bethia! Hopefully you might have some bicycle tours… pretty please:)

  • osulew

    You continue to kick major ass, Bethia. Rock on.

  • do you get to eat on this tour?

  • spookygoddess78

    Neat concept but not sure about the pricing structure – $55 to go to 5 taco trucks??  Yikes.

  • DixonSteele

    This seems like a great idea not just for this city, but many others.  Will have to check it out.

  • spookygoddess78 Says: Neat concept but not sure about the pricing structure – $55 to go to 5 taco trucks??  Yikes.

    If you’re someone already familiar with Taco Trucks and comfortable exploring new ones, I imagine this tour probably isn’t for you. Otherwise, the extra cost is about the experience of having a self-guided tour and having the assistance of someone who knows where they’re going, what they’re doing, and can hold your hand along the way. I don’t really think $55 is that bad for that type of service.

  • drew

    “Neat concept but not sure about the pricing structure – $55 to go to 5 taco trucks??  Yikes.”

    As Bethia’s partner in Columbus Food Adventures, allow me to speak to this.

    I can understand why that might appear a bit steep, but it’s worth noting that food costs are a small part of our total costs.  The van and insurance (participants are highly covered) are the biggest chunk of it all. We’ve done significant research on van-based food tours in other cities, and we’re confident that we’re more than competitive cost-wise.

    We will be running some specials on occasion and hope that will help to make the tour more accessible.

    It should also be noted that the taco truck tours are run by the creators of Taco Trucks Columbus, so you’ll be getting the absolute most knowledgable guides providing insider info that can’t be found anywhere else.

    “do you get to eat on this tour?”

    Absolutely!  You’ll get to try something at each location we visit.  In total, the food offerings on each tour should add up to be enough to replace one meal.*

    *unless you’re a competitive eater.

  • This is awesome. I’m telling everyone I know. Great work, Bethia!

  • lizless

    Bethia is doing a tremendous service for the Columbus dining scene and putting Columbus on the map as a culinary tourism destination!

    This is just amazing!

  • nice! best of luck to you guys!

  • kitty

    Great idea! Good luck Bethia!  :)

  • spookygoddess78

    Hey, good luck and I mean that!  If you can get people to pay that kind of money to go to a couple of taco trucks, then more power to you!

  • I think that is a fair cost for an excursion type trip. I would have paid that for a similar trip when I visited Hawaii.

  • I was a little surprised when I first saw the price, but then I realized that I would easily pay that if I was visiting Columbus, had recently moved here, or wasn’t a regular on Columbus Underground. Most of us on here are familiar with these destinations, but there are a lot of people (even people in central Ohio) who are not.
    It’s not $55 for the food, it’s $55 for the knowledge.

    The other day, I was watching an episode of No Reservations, set in Maine. I lived there for two years and never even heard of any of the places he visited. I’m fortunate to have foodie friends and CU to help me find great places in Columbus, but this is exactly the kind of tour I wish I would have taken in Maine. If I knew someone moving to Columbus, this is one of the first things I would suggest they do.

    $55.00 to find your new favorite place to eat in a new/strange city or neighborhood? That’s a bargain.

  • lizless

    I’d pay $55 to hear Bethia tell me great stories about the history and people behind the trucks. She’s spent time establishing wonderful relationships with the folks she will be visiting and can offer an experience and insights you wouldn’t otherwise get on your own.

  • Bear


    These folks have spent a huge amount of time and energy uncovering information about those trucks that wasn’t public, and making it public.  Just because they’ve done that for free doesn’t mean that it has no value.  I don’t really think it’s fair to turn around and act like it doesn’t, just because they’ve been generous enough to give it away.

  • spookygoddess78

    I think the information definitely has value.  Again, if there is a market of people who would pay $55 to visit a handful of taco trucks in Columbus, Ohio, then that’s great for Columbus Food Adventures!  If not, I’m sure they will adjust pricing or tours accordingly.  Taco Truck Tours aside, I think some of the other tour and tour ideas mentioned sound really great and it’s nice to see the Columbus food scene getting some well deserved highlights.

  • vespamary

    Woot! Congratulations Bethia (and Drew). I’m sure Columbus Food Adventures will be great!  Thanks for including North Market in your new venture!

  • LostinTranslation

    What an awesome idea!  A few of us are already trying to figure out when we can take the taco truck tour.

  • drew

    Woot! Congratulations Bethia (and Drew). I’m sure Columbus Food Adventures will be great!  Thanks for including North Market in your new venture!”

    Thanks, Mary.  We’re thrilled to be able to include the North Market in our Short North tour, and thank you for your help in making it happen!

  • somertimeoh

    Yay Bethia and Andy!!  So excited for you guys!  I definitely want to do a tour with my mom and cousin when they come see me.  Thanks for all the good stuff y’all do for Columbus!

  • So exciting!! Congrats, guys!

  • KSquared

    This is awesome!  I’m sure Bethia and Andy will win over lots of new Columbus fans!

  • Roland

    I think its a great idea. My experience with them has introduced me to some great little places in the city. I regularly go back to a few of the taco trucks. I never would have found them otherwise.

    If your regular dining destinations are starting to feel dull. This is a worthwhile service that can jumpstart your dining destinations while trying something adventurous in a comfortable manner.

  • DavidF

    I know many of the destinations they are likely to take people to on these tours and I’d gladly pony up the money to go along with people who are truly excited about the food and are as knowledgeable as these guys are. In fact, as soon as my next work schedule comes out, I may have to pony up some cash.

    I think this is a great idea, and not just for visitors. There are so many people in Columbus who honestly do not realize what a great food town this is. I had my first meal at Skillet yesterday and it was amazing and made me want to get out to so many more of the great  restaurants in this town that I’ve overlooked or just never knew about.

    I hope this is a huge success and I will be recommending this to all of my clients who are new to this area. (I’ve already sent two couples this week to check out CU, taco trucks and alt eats)

  • Thank you so much for all of the interest, support and encouragement. We’re very excited to start running tours.

  • Kbear919

    Hip Hip Hooray!
    This is super exciting… and a great way to get rid of your in-laws! : )

  • Yay! Bethia this sounds totally awesome! What a great idea!

  • catnfiddle

    I was one of the lucky ones who took the trial run of the alt.eats tour.  Migod, what a wonderful day!  Skip breakfast but PLEASE pace yourself.  I cannot recommend this enough.

  • DavidF

    We stopped at Bono on Saturday and Peggy gave us one of the CFA flyers. I was very impressed by it. In fact, I’d like to get a few to give out at work. I sell mattresses and see lots of people who are new to Columbus and I’ve been writing down the website (along with CU), but it would be nice to have something a little more tangible to hand out.

  • lifeliberty
  • Dan

    I just went on the Taco Truck tour and it was fabulous!  We were educated, stuffed and open to a new experience (we also met some great people!).  The knowledge of our guide really made it worthwhile as I’d eaten at some of them before but I apparently ordered the wrong thing!  Bethia set me straight!

  • People to Watch: Bethia Woolf
    Wednesday, August 25, 2010
    By G.A. Benton

    To say that Woolf is a food blogger is like saying that slip of paper had words on it. Currently, she’s overseeing/co-piloting four widely scanned blogs and websites.


  • DavidF

    We are getting ready to go on the Tack Trucks Tour tonight! I’m totally psyched!!  (and thank you sweetie for the great early birthday present)

  • DavidF

    Wow! That was amazing! The food we tried was sooo good! I’ll try to post more details later after I come out of my food coma.

    Great food, great company. If you haven’t done this yet, you should as soon as possible.

  • First Taco Truck Tour of the season starts on April 1!

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