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Columbus Establishes New Public Art Program

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Establishes New Public Art Program
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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman signed an executive order today to establish the new Columbus Public Art Program, which will allocate a minimum of $250,000 per year to public art projects.

“Public art is an essential component of a community’s cultural identity and vibrancy,” said Coleman. “By signing this executive order I am ensuring that public art remains a priority for future design in the City of Columbus, and that our residents and visitors have unique monuments to enjoy for your years to come.”

Public art projects may range from individual installations like the Flowing Kiss sculptures at North Bank Park to pieces that are a part of larger infrastructure or greenspace developments. The Columbus Art Commission will develop an annual report that will establish working budgets and schedules for new public art projects, as well as a master plan that will be funded and activated in 2015.

“Columbus joins over 400 cities nationwide that enliven their communities with public art through a funded program approach,” said Diane Nance, Chair of the Columbus Art Commission. “The Commission is thrilled that Columbus will have a structure for integrating art into public space design and looks forward to working with the Mayor, Council and staff on establishing a municipal public art program.”

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  • ehill27

    Nice! Long overdue.

  • joshlapp

    Agreed with ehill! Can’t wait to see what comes out of this. Would love to see lots of public art incorporated into area green spaces especially the new riverfront project.

  • We should do something on the scale of the trevi fountain with sculpture and water

  • I definitely support the public art program, but I sure hope the Columbiad does not go forward, it has met nothing but criticism.

    I don’t expect art to please everyone, but if it is going to be the central showpiece of the downtown riverfront rejuvenation, it needs to be inspiring and attractive. IMO

  • 2014 Greater Columbus Arts Council’s Annual Public Forum on Tuesday, February 11 from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

    Each year, the Greater Columbus Arts Council hosts a free Public Forum that gives the community an opportunity to come together and discuss a timely and important topic, as well as ask GCAC questions about our activities, grant programs and more.
    carnegie_gallery (2)

    The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Carnegie Gallery.

    This year’s Public Forum will discuss Arts in Our Community: Roles and Results, featuring idea labs and special performances.

    Discussions will focus on the role of the arts in the community—through the Arts Council’s grant program and the concept of creative placemaking—and the economic benefits the arts provide to the community. The Forum will take place at the Strongwater Food & Spirits.


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