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Columbus City Councilmember A. Troy Miller Resigns

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus City Councilmember A. Troy Miller Resigns
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Last November, Columbus voters elected to give Councilmember A. Troy Miller another four years in office. Yesterday he decided that he only needed nine months. Miller confirmed via press release that he would be stepping down from office at the end of September.

“I’m proud and thankful to have been able to serve the residents of Columbus as a member of Columbus City Council,” said Miller. “I would like to express my gratitude both to the residents of this great community for placing their faith and trust in me, and also to my Council colleagues, with whom I have been honored to serve.”

In addition to his council duties, Miller is the founder of iSpecData, a local web application and consulting firm that focuses on the health management technology field. Miller is leaving council to pursue professional opportunities that will take him outside of the city.

Miller has served City Council since January 2009 when he was appointed to fill one of two vacant seat that were left open upon the resignation of former Councilmembers Maryellen O’Shaughnessy and Kevin Boyce. He was elected for his first full term in November 2009, and reelected in 2013 for a second term.

The remaining members of Columbus City Council are expected to announce an appointment process within a few weeks to select a new councilmember to fill the vacancy left by Miller. Once appointed, that new councilmember will serve through 2015 when they would run to fill the seat officially through 2017.

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  • heresthecasey

    And the cycle of corruption and patronage on Columbus City Council continues …

  • NDaEast

    … yep — all remains the same at the Politburo — err, Columbus City Council. Resign before your term ends so the incumbents can appoint another group-thinking loyalist that can then run for their first election as an incumbent with oodles of the council president’s money (and concomitant debt of gratitude and obligation) to continue the totalitarian regime that has made Columbus elections meaningless and politicians irrelevant. 28 years and only 3 council members have been put in office by the people — the rest by the politicians. And the sheeple — they don’t say anything about this gross misuse of the peoples’ power — they are used to Stalinism with a smile.

    • Only 3 council members may have been put in official *initially* by the politicians, but they have all faced general elections afterward where the public vote has kept them in office.

      Certainly, the appointment system does seem to be taken advantage of, but the voting public has had ample opportunities to vote every member of council out of office if they wished to do so.

    • This kind of reaction is getting more and more absurdly hilarious. It’s always a bad idea to insult the people you want to bring over to your side.

      The truth is, Columbus’ governance works, and in general, voters like the system we have.

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