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Columbia Gas Building Purchased by CC-13 Development

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbia Gas Building Purchased by CC-13 Development
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The fate of the 15-story Downtown Columbia Gas building has been in limbo following the March 2011 announcement that the company would relocate in 2014 to a new headquarters in the Arena District.

Today, the CC-13 development company (owned by Robert Meyers and Casto Partners) announced that that they would be purchasing the building and are working to secure a new office tenant for the 239,000 square foot building and 484-space attached parking deck.

“While its business growth requires relocation to a larger HQ facility, the City is fortunate that the leadership of Columbia Gas possesses the loyalty to select Downtown for its new headquarters,” said developer Don Casto.

The Columbia Gas building is located only a few blocks from another Casto/Meyers joint venture project: The LeVeque Tower, which is being renovated into a full mixed-use building and receiving a historic facade update.

The Columbia Gas building is expected to go through minimal modification as CC-13 is engaged with three single tentant prospects who would utilize the building in its current format as Class A office space. Officials noted that a modification into a multi-user office building may be an option depending upon tenant interest. Additionally, the new owners plan to add one or two additional levels of parking to the garage structure.

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  • joshlapp

    Retail on the first floor of that garage would be truly appreciated. It’s in a such a prime location.

  • jpizzow

    Agreed. A five story parking garage overlooking prime real estate is not the ideal scenario. That first floor would make for prime retail space with prime patio seating space.

  • MHJ

    Agreed. It would be nice if they demolished that garage and rebuilt it with retail on the first floor. It’s insane to have a 5-story parking garage along the Scioto Mile.

  • @MHJ – I don’t think they’d need to demolish the garage to do that. There’s already some sort of office space (security offices?) built out on the first floor of that garage (where the black windows are in the photo). Move that to another part of the building and give that curved end a slick restaurant treatment.

  • lbl

    pretty easy process to convert to retail space. they did it on Dayton years ago to an eye-sore garage downtown. a restaurant and a live music venue on the ground floor of a huge parking facility.
    ive always wondered why they wouldnt do that to this garage since it has such a prime view.

  • somebuckeye

    How tall are the ceilings? Most parking garages have a ceiling height of about seven feet, which would not make for a very pleasant dining room.

  • MHJ

    @Walker — did not realize that! Thanks.

  • jpunkster

    I read someplace that the garage has historic landmark status (far pre-dating the tower portion, which had to be built around it to accommodate), too much modification besides additional levels might be dicey.

  • Luke Streetwalker

    A restaurant would be nice. Or an ice-cream shop –say, Graeter’s! The river walk there needs a place to get ice-cream.

  • Retail would be nice, as well as just making it more aesthetically pleasing for pedestrians. I’m just happy there’s a buyer and hope the building fills up quickly. We don’t need more vacant space downtown.

  • Eugene_C

    @joshlapp: I Couldn’t agree more. I’ve always thought that garage was a tremendous waste of prime riverfront location. No reason that they couldn’t convert the frontage to something more useful or at least more attractive.

    @jpunkster: You could still build over it or just convert the frontage.

  • Stephen Francis

    I noticed for the first time (perhaps it has been this way for awhile) that the corner first floor space of the garage is for lease. Additionally, the rendering shows similar glass in areas on the other levels of the garage. Is this old or are we seeing potential retail development in the garage portion?

    • I’ve always thought it would be great to see a restaurant/bar in that spot.

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