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Coleman Becomes Columbus’ Longest Serving Mayor

Walker Evans Walker Evans Coleman Becomes Columbus’ Longest Serving Mayor
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On January 1st, 2014, Michael B. Coleman will begin his 15th year as Mayor of the City of Columbus, marking the longest tenure of any mayor in the city’s history. Mayor M.E. Sensenbrenner held the previous record of 14 years during two separate terms from 1954 to 1959 and 1964 to 1971.

“Serving as mayor of Columbus has been the honor and the joy of my life,” said Coleman. “I’m as excited about meeting the challenges of our city today as I was 14 years ago. I thank our citizens for their continued support, and I look forward to working with them in 2014 and the years to come to make our city even greater.”

Coleman was first elected in 1999, becoming the first African American mayor of Columbus. He was reelected in 2003, 2007 and most recently in 2011. His fourth term runs through the end of 2015. Coleman has not made any announcements at this point as to whether or not he will run for a fifth term.

More information can be found online at mayor.columbus.gov.

Photo by Jennifer René Photography for Columbus Underground.

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  • Achekov

    And all things considered, he’s doing a decent job. Downtown is looking better every day compared to the blighted run-down area it was through most of the 80s and 90s, and the city has the lowest crime rate of any of the 6 largest cities in Ohio.

  • Ned23

    How about that AAA bond rating? How many cities the size of Columbus can brag about that?

  • Budget surplus, continued population growth, economy better than the national average…

    Still no mass transit, which I think is one of the biggest failures of his term. The time is now.

  • wtr1906

    I’m pretty sure he wants mass transit, the problem is the movers and shakers in Columbus don’t want it and I hear so many people view mass transit as a ‘poor people’ thing. I love my city but we are so far behind everybody else. We want to be a BIG city, but we still think small. Keep pushing the city in the right direction Mayor Coleman!

  • Eugene_C

    Some of the powers that be do support mass transit. I remember the old 3C page that had list of corporate sponsors and companies who wrote letters of support on it that included some fairly prominent downtown corporations.

  • WTR, except that the last streetcar proposal had the support of city council, MORPC, COTA and public polling. What was not there was a stable economy at the time. Looking back through other proposals back to the 1980s, the city itself has been rather supportive, but there were usually funding or leadership issues (not necessarily issues as far as lack of support). Columbus has just had really bad luck as far as timing, but it’s had decent city-wide support when the proposals were clear. 1999 was not one of those times, unfortunately.

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