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CoGo – New Bike Share System is Branded

Walker Evans Walker Evans CoGo – New Bike Share System is Branded
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As we wrote back in November, Columbus is getting a bike share system that will be launching this summer in coordination with contractor Alta Bicycle Share. As of today, the system is being branded as “CoGo Bike Share”, a name presented by Benjamin Coifman through an online community contest.

“Officially naming our city’s bike share system is a fun milestone in a project that is progressing rapidly,” said Mayor Michael B. Coleman. “Station locations are being assessed, pricing structures are being calculated and, soon enough, program memberships will be on sale.”

The CoGo Bike Share will be comprised of a system of 300 rentable bikes and 30 stations located in and around Downtown Columbus. Subscribers to the system will be able to unlock and ride bikes around Columbus, returning the bikes to any station in the network. The bikes will be painted black with a CoGo logo on the frame.

“CoGo is a name Alta is proud to add to its portfolio of bike share systems operating in cities across the United States,” said Heather Bowden, CoGo Bike Share Manager. “System names used in other cities include: Nice Ride Minnesota in Minneapolis, Citi Bike in New York City, Capital Bikeshare in Washington, D.C. and Hubway in Boston.”

For more news and discussion on CoGo Bike Share, CLICK HERE to view our messageboard.

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  • columbusmike

    CoGo put them in already! :)

  • Put what in already?

  • mrpoppinzs

    Thought they were being sponsored by the GoCo convenience stores across from Campus for a minute.

  • mrpoppinzs

    A friend is asking about the specs on the bike (gearing etc) anyone have any info?

  • mrpoppinzs
  • Congratulations to Dr. Coifman.

  • Hamsterdam

    This sounds VERY necessary and not at all a giant waste of money!

  • Hamsterdam is correct. The only things necessary are a warm & filling, brothy gruel, non-exposure to the elements and a blanket spread upon straw.

    Clearly these bikes are none of those three things. Harumph I say!

    But while sadly non-necessary, I do see utility in this system, especially if they use it to seed further bike riding in some areas that need more riders to establish a norm of bikers in the area.

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