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CoGo Adding Five New Stations, Updates Pricing Model

Walker Evans Walker Evans CoGo Adding Five New Stations, Updates Pricing ModelPhoto provided by CoGo.
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The CoGo Bike Share system will continue to grow and expand this year with the addition of five new station locations this summer. The pricing model for ridership is also making a couple of changes.

The daily rental rate is jumping from $6 per day to $8 per day, while a new three-day pass will become a new option at $18. Both types of passes offer unlimited bike rides for either 24 hour or 72 hour periods respectively, with individual trips being limited to 30 minutes at a time without incurring additional charges.

Additionally, the annual rate will remain at $75 per year, but a new option will be available for that commitment to be billed out at $7 per month instead of paying the entire cost up front. All new pricing options take effect today.

CoGo simultaneously announced today that it has landed its first station sponsor at the existing location at Fourth Street and First Avenue in Italian Village, next door to Jeffrey Park. That sponsor is Wagenbrenner Development, the developer of Jeffrey Park.

“Bike share is a great fit for Jeffrey Park,” said Mark Wagenbrenner, CEO of Wagenbrenner Development.”It’s an inexpensive, easy option for our new residents for short trips around Downtown.”

The five new station locations will be spread throughout neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown Columbus, with their exact locations to be revealed in the near future. Once active, the system will contain a total of 46 stations throughout central Columbus, which have accumulated more than 116,000 trips to date.

For more information, visit www.cogobikeshare.com.

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  • mbeaumont

    Great news!

  • Enabled

    Hopefully with this added attention to the pricing structure they also fixed their billing issues. All I hear is horror story after horror story in dealing with them. It’s a shame because I live so close to a station but won’t dare touch their bikes.

    • UrbanLegend

      The horror stories ended a long time ago thanks to billing and customer service improvements. But mostly it was people who didn’t understand that your “unlimited” rides are limited to 30 minutes each or else you incur overages.

  • What kind of billing horror stories did you incurr? I’ve never had a problem but this was before they enabled auto-renew of annual plans. Know your renewal date and if you want to stop your membership, cancel two days before. Problem solved.

    If only they made their annual memberships work in other cities…..

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