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Chick-Fil-A Opening High Street Location Near OSU

Walker Evans Walker Evans Chick-Fil-A Opening High Street Location Near OSU
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Soon, you’ll no longer need to drive to the suburbs to get your dose of Christian chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. Popular fast food chain Chick-Fil-A has submitted a design package to the University Area Review Board, asking for approval on a new store front that will be located at 1912 North High Street, inside The Wellington — a new six-story building currently under construction.

While representatives from both Chick-Fil-A and leasing agent CASTO declined to comment further at this point, the submission reveals that the store would be just over 4,000 square feet in size, and will feature patio seating on High Street. The location would be the eighth in Central Ohio, and the only one located in the central city.


There is no projected opening date for Chick-Fil-A as of yet, but the urban-style Target that was previously announced at The Wellington is slated to open sometime in mid-2018 while the apartments are expected to be available in August 2018.

The University Area Review Board will meet to review the Chick-Fil-A submission on Thursday.

CLICK HERE for more updates on the 15th & High development.

For more information, visit www.chick-fil-a.com.

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  • Steve Scott

    lol – religious nuts still trying to cozy up to sexual college aged ppl

    • Indyout


    • BillieA

      What an idiot you are!

  • Stephen Francis

    According to what I overheard at the Barber last week, Grandview Yard is getting one as well.

  • Indyout

    Great addition to High Street, a mix of local and national retail is beginning to make the Urban areas of Columbus look like a Real city.

    • traviscols

      Wow… it sure is interesting what different people’s definition of what a “real city” is.

      • Diane Donato

        OHHHHH that explains so much. :)

    • RedStorm45

      Chick-fil-a = “real city?” LOLOLOL

      • Indyout

        We, I guess I didn’t explain it very good.. After studying Urbanization, one trend is when car centric retail locates in an Urban area, it usually means that area has reached a certain level.
        With Chick-fil-a, White Castle, Target and Popeye’s all locating in the same district means THAT are has reached a new level of Urbanization.

        • Stephen Francis

          IndyOut beat me to the punch today but I would tend to agree that when traditional car-centric business are opening stroefronts, they clearly see a population density and walkability that wasn’t as prevalent prior. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as high rises to show urbanization or feel as nice as trendy local stores and restaurants but it is a worthy element To note. Who knows, maybe we will see a BP storefront before long.

          And while these are all mixed emotion announcements, I hope we start seeing local businesses announced. I wish the developers had been able to strike deals with formal neighborhood staples for reduced rent over a period of time in a certain number of spaces to make sure local returns. Would have gone a long way in terms of confidence in redevelopment among skeptics. We suretill have several empty spaces and regularly rotating spaces in gateway which is cause to wonder if we will see the same with some of these spaces. (Not that there wasn’t vacancy and turn over in the old buildings).

  • Diane Donato

    What is a Christian chicken sandwich anyway?

    • traviscols

      They only use chickens that attend church!! Lol

      • Diane Donato

        Ohhhhh – I do recall Churches chicken. Must be so special.

        • traviscols

          I’ve found they tend to be freshest on Sundays!! Lol

    • argeejay

      Crucified chickens. Glory be…..

  • argeejay

    Have NO desire to consume a greasy sandwich from Chickilla.

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