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Chef Paul Yow Leaves Barcelona to Launch New Downtown Restaurant

Walker Evans Walker Evans Chef Paul Yow Leaves Barcelona to Launch New Downtown Restaurant
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(Edit: The restaurant’s name has been updated from Natalie’s to Hae-Paul’s since the original publishing date of this article.)

After 15 years of serving as Executive Chef at Barcelona, Paul Yow is ready for a change. This seasoned chef is making his departure from the popular German Village restaurant to open a place of his own in Downtown Columbus called Natalie’s.

Located at 79 South Fourth Street, this cozy space was previously home to the short lived Big Bites, which took the spot of Serenity Cafe when it closed after 11 years. Yow cites the restaurant resurgence in Downtown Columbus as providing the stimulus for his new venture.

“We like the feel of Downtown and see the food community growing here as more independent restaurants open,” he said. “There is more housing going up all the time.”

Natalie’s is being described as a casual, inexpensive 40-seat restaurant serving a mix of Korean and American dishes as well as a blending of the two cuisines. Yow will run the restaurant along side his wife Hae Ran, and the duo plan to do most of the cooking themselves.

Meanwhile, Barcelona will be promoting Sous Chef Jacob Hough to Executive Chef, who has been trained extensively under Chef Yow.

“Paul has been instrumental in the quality of food that Barcelona has been known for, said Scott Heimlich, Owner of Barcelona. “His understanding of Spanish cuisine has helped to earn Barcelona a spot amongst the Top 10 Restaurants in Columbus.”

Yow is wasting no time in getting the new concept started and expects Natalie’s to be open sometime next week starting with lunch service from 11am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. He plans to add dinner service, Saturday brunch, and a beer and wine selection  in the near future.

More information will be available online soon at www.NataliesDowntown.com.

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  • Cbusbill

    As long as their scallop dish doesn’t suffer, I will hopefully survive. Barcelona is on my top 5 list…fingers crossed it says that way :-) Best of luck to Paul Yow, I knew not his name, but have loved his work for years. i’ll be sure to try out his new place.

  • geoyui

    I’m certainly interested. I’m looking forward to seeing what Korean foods they offer.

  • staindson7

    If the food is good and they do some good marketing in the beginning I think they will do great! Big Bite like other downtown businesses that went out of business do little or no marketing and it annoys me, because it is so important to a new business. Even if you don’t have money, get a free Facebook page, pass out flyers/coupons, use Groupon, have a website and menu, contact all the papers, host an event, or hire me as your cheap marketer-lol. Can’t wait to try this place out as it is close to my job and I live not too far.

  • I am very curious what the blended dishes will be, sounds interesting, good luck! Barcelona has been my favorite place for a good meal in this city for awhile, thanks for making some great meals while you were there!

  • odi_et_amo

    They are open. I went to lunch there today.

    First impressions: It has a small focused menu with several items either being outright Korean (e.g., bulgogi) or having Korean influences (e.g., the “Koritto”). The rest is American with an emphasis on brisket. I ordered the butternut squash and leek soup and a sandwich called the “wet beef” (slow cooked beef chuck on a brioche bun doused in jus). Both were delicious.

    This is definitely going to be added to my lunchtime rotation.

  • Update: I just spoke with owner Paul Yow, who said that they are changing the name from Natalie’s to Hae-Paul’s effective immediately. The signage will be changing over the next week, along with menus and website.


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