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Comedy Sandwich – Part 2

Justin Golak Justin Golak Comedy Sandwich – Part 2

“In two years, if there isn’t a solid improvement in attendance and overall response from the media and the public, then everyone is just going to leave.  And that’ll be it.  That’ll be the end of everything we’ve worked to build and create.  That’ll be the end of our comedy sandwich.” I said that two […]


Columbus Ranks #27 in Walkability in 2014 Walk Score Results

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Ranks #27 in Walkability in 2014 Walk Score Results

WalkScore.com, the internet’s most popular site for determining the walkability of urban places, released their annual rankings this week to showcase the most pedestrian friendly cities across the United States for 2014. There were few surprises at the top of the list, which includes (in order) New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, […]


Op-Ed: Voting NO on Columbus City School Levy Issues 50 & 51

 Christina McMenemy Op-Ed: Voting NO on Columbus City School Levy Issues 50 & 51

I’m grateful to represent a group of Columbus City Schools parents, educators, and community members who are opposed to Issues 50 & 51. My two daughters are enrolled in a district school, and my husband is a graduate of Columbus City Schools. We love the teachers, and truly consider them a part of our team. […]


Op-Ed: Voting YES on Columbus City School Levy Issues 50 & 51

 Cleve Ricksecker Op-Ed: Voting YES on Columbus City School Levy Issues 50 & 51

One of the most optimistic things about Columbus is the way our local leaders aren’t afraid to tackle a big problem. That’s why I support Issues 50 and 51, the Columbus Education Plan to improve our city’s K-12 schools and give each child the opportunity to receive a quality education. Issues 50 and 51 tackle […]


Modern Traditional Architecture

David Meleca David Meleca Modern Traditional Architecture

Letter to the Editor: Modern Traditional Architecture Vitruvius wrote it over two thousand years ago – firmitas, utilitas, venustas – Strength, Usefulness, and Beauty. These are the three principals of all traditional architecture. For over two thousand years, architects designed buildings using the Classical orders of Architecture, which are derived from anthropomorphic proportion: the celebration […]

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Praises be to Window Displays

  Praises be to Window Displays

Letter to Editor: Praises be to Short North Window Displays In my daily commute to my Downtown office, I LOVE seeing the window displays throughout the Short North. The GrandView Mercantile, Cookware Sorcerer, Tigertree, Emperor’s Newest Clothes and Sherrie Gallerie are representative of the many businesses along High Street that also adorn their windows with […]

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School Levy: By the Numbers

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott

Campaign season for the Columbus City Schools levy is in full bloom. The video commercial has hit youtube and local television stations; the Facebook and Twitter pages are live, and the website is up. The big tagline in the campaign has been, “A quality education should not depend on the color of a child’s skin, […]


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