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Mega Summer Weekend 2014 – Vol. 14

Anne Evans Anne Evans Mega Summer Weekend 2014 – Vol. 14

Happy the weekend is here! School started back this week, are your kids excited? Gallerie Bar & Bistro took home the prize for voters’ favorite CU Best Bites: Burgers last night! Still time to enter to win tickets to the Ohio Rollers Girls and more contests will be going live soon for bands. Thursday Tonight, […]

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Film Review: Calvary

Hope Madden Hope Madden Film Review: Calvary

Has the Catholic Church so comprehensively betrayed the nation of Ireland that it would take the second coming of the Messiah to set things straight? Maybe. The ever more impressive writer/director John Michael McDonagh may not be trying to rectify the Church’s situation, nor is he bringing about revelation. Rather, he offers a microcosm of […]

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Crew Destroys The Galaxy 4-1 Last Night

Matt Ellis Matt Ellis Crew Destroys The Galaxy 4-1 Last Night

Four goals, temperature in the 70s, skydivers, fireworks and a deafening crowd reminiscent of 2008. It was almost the perfect night for the Crew as they ran riot with a 4-1 win over L.A Galaxy. The game kicked off straight into high gear with both teams looking like they wanted to push for goals. L.A. […]

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Mega Summer Weekend 2014 – Vol. 13

Anne Evans Anne Evans Mega Summer Weekend 2014 – Vol. 13

Happy Weekend! How about this gorgeous weather we’ve had the past couple of days? Thanks to everyone who donated to our school supply and backpack drive! We are sending quite a few kids to school with what they need. CU Best Bites: Burgers is sold out! You have a couple of chances to win, stop […]


Spacebar to open Mid-September in Former KOBO Space

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Spacebar to open Mid-September in Former KOBO Space

When the announcement of Kobo’s “last show” made it through the grapevine of Columbus, the city-folk were sad to see a beloved bar rest in peace. Another one bites the dust, huh? Once a local bar that housed insane rock shows and affordable booze, Kobo’s grunge, unique bathrooms, vinyl-covered countertops and comprehensive energy will be […]


Review: CD102.5FM’s Summerfest 2014

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Review: CD102.5FM’s Summerfest 2014

That’s a wrap. Summerfest is now a few days into the past and the memories continue to fog our heads in the present. A sold-out summer event, with more than 5,000 attendees proved to be a success. Thousands of smiling faces walked/skipped/stumbled/raced out of the Outdoor LC venue past 11 pm, where members of CD102.5 […]

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CrossFit Champ: Shellie Edington

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott CrossFit Champ: Shellie Edington

Crossfit is one of those topics about which there are slim pickings in the middle ground. If you love it, you love it obsessively. If you hate it, you hate it with rage… and those who ignore it, often ignore it with immense disdain for all the energetic controversy. Regardless of the weird range of […]

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