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Z Cucina Review


It is absolutely unethical and ridiculous to review a restaurant which has been open less than 2 weeks; it makes G.A. Benton and the editorial staff at Columbus Alive look ignorant. Furthermore, Benton’s snippy comments about the menu terms make me wonder what kind of personal grudge he’s holding against the restaurant; it smacks of […]


C-Bus restaurants on Thanksgiving


Anyone know of any restaurants open or doing anything special on Thanksgiving?


Extensive wine list worth exploring in harmony

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Imaginatively designed and built from scratch, Luce is an upscale venture from the owners of La Scala, the Italian restaurant on W. Dublin-Granville Road. The large space of Luce is divided by a massive stone fireplace, open on both sides. The dining room includes the bar, which is modeled after Italian wine bars. Given the […]

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Stuffed, baked banana peppers an Italian treat at Scali

Walker Evans Walker Evans

At Scali’s Ristorante in Reynoldsburg the best action is with chef Frank Scali’s specials. When he can obtain mild banana peppers, Scali stuffs them with a mix of cooked arborio rice, sauteed mild Italian sausage, grated Romano cheese and egg. The filled peppers are given a quick saute to develop the wonderful chili flavor-withoutheat of […]

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McDonald’s to scale back testing of deli-style sandwiches

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McDonald’s to scale back testing of deli-style sandwiches Friday, November 18, 2005 COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — McDonald’s Corp. is scaling back a test of its toasted deli-style sandwiches from five markets to two by year’s end, officials said. Instead, the fast-food giant plans to focus on improving its core menu, said Marty Ranft, McDonald’s vice […]


$1 Off Coupon for Drexel Gateway Cafe

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Zola’s for dinner


Zola’s was discussed as a night spot when it first opened in Spring 2004, but now that it has survived that first fatal year, I wanted to give my 2 cents. We ate there on a Thursday night and it was so tasty! They have a medicore happy hour. Their drinks are a bit on […]

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