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Best Steak: Mitchell’s Steakhouse

Walker Evans Walker Evans

BEST STEAK MITCHELL’S STEAKHOUSE Thursday, July 27, 2006 ADAM CAIRNS DISPATCH The Cameron Mitchell restaurant was the top answer to the question: Who has the best steak in town? Mitchell opened his first steakhouse, Downtown, in 1998 and added a second at Crosswoods north of Worthington two years later. The company also operates a steakhouse […]


Jaw-dropping sandwich sizes can be found at Danny’s Deli

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Jaw-dropping sandwich sizes can be found at Danny’s Deli Thursday, July 27, 2006 Gary Seman Jr. The new downtown restaurant serves the kind of oversized sandwiches that require really big bites, the ones that will put to the test the elasticity of your temporo-mandibular joint (aka the TMJ). The downtown deli is a cafeteria-style operation […]


Dinner for 2 at Morton’s for $99


Hey all, I came across this coupon on the net and thought I’d pass it along. I’ve only eaten at Morton’s once and the food was spectacular. So this is a pretty good deal. Expires Sept. 30th. Mortons is located at 280 N. High (used to be two Nationwide, I think?)


Al Ameer Restaurant


This is another one of those gems tucked away in the many soulless strip malls around Columbus. In a strip mall behind another strip mall east of Cleveland Ave on 161 is the new Al Ameer Arabic restaurant. It has all the familiar Middle Eastern staples like humous and shawarma (similar to an gyro), which […]


Nightlife Review: Victorians’ Midnight Cafe

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Checked this place out again last week. I had gone there a couple of times during my college years and thought it was alright. Although I had only ordered drink before. I went on a Tuesday night with Walker and my sister Katie who was here for orientation at OSU. She wanted macaroni & cheese […]


The Lunchtime Blues

Walker Evans Walker Evans

So for lunch today, Anne & I decided to head out to eat. We first ventured over to the Banana Bean Cafe only to discover that it is closed on Monday. Next, we drove over to Lux to find it was closed too (I’ve tried to go to Lux like three times now, and it’s […]


Estrada closed due to accident


News Article Link I drove past Estrada last week on my way to campus and I noticed that the patio was totally empty, there was no music playing and it would’ve been easy to park on that block. What’s going on? Turns out there was some kind of gas explosion in the kitchen that blew […]


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