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Casto’s Bridge Street District Proposal Calls for 392 Units

Brent Warren Brent Warren Casto’s Bridge Street District Proposal Calls for 392 Units
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Casto has proposed a 392-unit residential development off of Tuller Road, joining a growing list of developers hoping to capitalize on the high-density vision laid out by the City of Dublin for their Bridge Street District.

The proposed development, named Tuller Flats, would feature multiple three-story buildings arranged around a clubhouse and various green spaces. Both single-level and two-level units would be available, and most of the buildings would have attached garages. The project would sit on about 18 acres south of Tuller and east of Village Parkway.

“Casto is really excited for the potential Tuller Flats project in Dublin,” said Casto Marketing Director Sarah Benson. “We are very energized and enamored with the City of Dublin’s vision,” she said, adding that they hoped to share more details after the proposal is presented to Dublin’s Planning and Zoning Commission on February 20.

Tuller Flats would be close – although not adjacent – to Crawford Hoying’s proposed 1,162-unit mixed-use development at the corner of Riverside Drive and Route 161. Dublin has also committed to significant infrastructure improvements for the area, including a new roundabout for that intersection, a new riverside park, and a pedestrian bridge across the river that would connect to Dublin’s historic core.

For ongoing discussion about the Bridge Street District, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

Renderings by Sullivan Bruck Architects, provided by CASTO.

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  • UrbanPlanner2112

    Is anyone else getting a little weary of the post-deconstructionist (aka “reconstructionist”) architecture? We must be able to do better than pieces parts of older building styles cobbled together.

  • 8jeremyck01

    No, actually. Not weary at all. Thanks for asking, though.

  • I think the architecture looks fine. It will certainly look quite a bit different than some of the other things around it. A lot of dated looking 80s-era buildings in that part of Dublin, IIRC.

  • Ned23

    You know what I’ve wondered about is when they use all of those different sidings, they are probably going to age at different rates, right? Might look a little weird in 30 years.

  • So, zone for density and developers respond. Good example for other suburbs.

  • Columbusrules

    The push for density in the suburbs is a great thing for Central Ohio. Have any of the conversations discussed light rail as a future need for high density suburbs?

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