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Campus Partners Planning Expansion of South Campus Gateway

Brent Warren Brent Warren Campus Partners Planning Expansion of South Campus GatewayPhoto via South Campus Gateway.
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Campus Partners plans to solicit proposals this fall for a seven-acre mixed-use development just south of their South Campus Gateway project. The land to be developed would include the Wendy’s at the corner of East 9th Avenue and North High Street and most of the block east of High between 8th and 9th avenues.

Erin Prosser of Campus Partners said that the plan is to rezone the parcels this summer; a mixed-use building that closely matches the scale and architectural style of the existing Gateway buildings is envisioned for the High Street frontage, while the rest of the block would be residential.

Pink areas illustrate land holdings in possession of Campus Partners.

Pink areas illustrate land holdings in possession of Campus Partners.

A three-story apartment building just south of the Wendy’s site – a Community Housing Network (CHN) property that houses the formerly-homeless – is likely to be demolished to make way for the new development. Prosser said that Campus Partners has been working with CHN to identify another site that would meet their needs.

After the zoning is secured, Campus Partners plans to issue a request for proposals in the fall, with the goal of selecting a private developer or team of developers to oversee the project.

Campus Partners – in the news of late with the recent purchase of two carryouts on North 4th Street – also owns a number of properties on the west side of High Street, but those buildings would not be included in the request for proposals.

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  • I hope they don’t plan to demolish the buildings at the northwest corner of High and W. 9th. They’d look great renovated into residential.

  • NerosNeptune


    Also hope they find a good place to house the people currently in that building by Wendy’s.. I guess it’s not so good for the Gateway to have formerly homeless people housed nearby, but it seems like a good location for them with good transportation options and pretty close to a grocery store. It’s a good place to be if you were recently homeless and can’t afford a car. I wonder where they will shove them off to? Maybe one of the new developments nearby in WP.

  • I agree that the buildings at the corner of 9th and High should be retained and restored. They are great buildings. Unfortunately, I think Campus Partners has indicated it is their intent to demolish them. While I appreciate their effort to “clean up” the area, their approach is a bit like the “urban renewal” of the 1970s where people bought up whole blocks, leveled every structure in site and replaced them with new builds. I think we learned, from an urban planning standpoint, that is not the best approach and I hate to see Campus Partners implementing it in the University District.

  • JB05

    It’s interesting to note the disappearance of more and more fast-food drive-throughs as the High Street area gets more dense. With the Wendy’s at High and Woodruff currently being re-developed, and the one at High and 9th likely to be demolished soon, we’re left with only the Short North White Castle drive-through between downtown and campus. the area is getting more convenient for pedestrians and less convenient for cars all the time.

  • Mike88

    I understand why they want to relocate the CHN building but I hope the new location retains many of the features that makes that a good location for those in need. I think a previous commenter pointed out that the current location is pretty well situated for transport/groceries and I would like to mention many potential employers within walking distance.

    I also agree some of those buildings would be worth saving if possible. Campus Gateway has a unique style compared to the buildings around it. I think it would be nice to mesh the two together by preserving the larger structures and building the new around them.

  • Pammy1960

    I agree that the apt building at W9th and High would be great if nenovated. I lived there in late 1970’s early 1980’s and while it needed lots if work even then, it had a lot of character. Since then, I noticed they’ve closed off dome windows and even closed access to balconies. This would be a great contribution to the Campus Gateway if nenovated.

    • Circle8ght

      nenovate! now!!

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