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Burgers Dogs & Fries to Open at Columbus Commons

Walker Evans Walker Evans Burgers Dogs & Fries to Open at Columbus Commons
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The Columbus Commons park space officially opened to visitors in December, but the grand ceremony is being held off until the weather turns warmer in May. In the meantime, restaurateurs Kevin and Lori Ames are working around the clock on setting up their third Burgers, Dogs & Fries restaurant, which will be housed on site, within the park.

“We will be located in one of the two glass buildings on the south side of the park,” explained Owner Kevin Ames. “It’s a small space at only 650 square feet, but we’ll also have 300 outdoor seats.”

Customers will place their orders at outdoor walk-up windows and food runners will call numbers and/or bring food to tables when ready. Anyone already familiar with the nearby Burgers, Dogs & Fries at Broad & High will known what to expect of their menu.

“We’ll serve the full BDF menu including shakes and floats,” said Ames. “We’re also adding a line of chicken sandwiches and salads to the menus at all three locations.”

In addition to the new Burgers, Dogs & Fries, a Cup O Joe / MoJoe Lounge coffee shop will be opening in the Lazarus Building this spring, which faces out onto the park from High Street, The Columbus Brewing Company is opening a new restaurant within the Scioto Mile park just two blocks away, and additional retail and restaurant space is planned nearby for Wall Street as well.

Officials are confident that these new dining options will bring visitors to the new recreational spaces Downtown.

“Having a permanent food vendor will help draw even more people down,” said Amy Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of CDDC/Capitol South, which manages Columbus Commons. “We’ve seen similar café concepts have great success in other urban parks, like the Shake Shack in Madison Park.

“In addition to the Café, Columbus Commons will have free Wi-Fi, world-class Flowerbeds, an Outdoor Reading Room, a Children’s Carousel, and weekly programming opportunities to help bring the lunch crowd down to the park,” added Taylor.

The new Burgers, Dogs & Fries at Columbus Commons will open on May 1st and will operate seasonally from May through October. Their primary hours are 10am to 4pm Monday through Friday, but will also feature extended hours for special events.

More information can be found online at www.BurgersDogsandFries.com and www.DowntownColumbus.com.

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  • This is great news. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Wall St area.

  • shmack

    Shake Shack is a great urban park cafe concept because they have fucking awesome Pat LaFrieda meat, great custards, and Danny Meyer. I want to see the Ames step it up and give us something that isn’t just a “concept” but some damn good food too.

  • cc

    Disappointed they are not stepping it up and staying open later then 4pm or on weekends (and will be closed Nov-April). This park deserves better than that. Thumbs down for those reasons. I think this is actually a negative for the park as it reinforces a narrow minded mentality of its use. A closed kiosk sends the wrong message.

  • Prime

    Frankly, there is nothing worse that Burgers, Dogs & Fries.  I was shocked at the quality of the meat– it’s like what you’d expect to find in a prison.

    I’d like to see more quality independent places down there who aren’t trying to establish a sub-par chain. Fito’s, Los Guachos, or even food carts.

  • cmhattemer

    I think Shake Shack is great.  Danny Myer is visionary.  You don’t have to go all the way to Pat LaFrieda to find a great burger.  In fact going all the way to New York to source Burgers would be a pretty boneheaded move.  I do think though that deciding on what you want your burger to be and not looking for the least common denominator would be righteous.

  • As a lover of burgers, dogs and many a fry, it’s hard to say this but:

    Do we really need two Burgers, Dogs and Fries less than half a mile from each other? I realize the Starbucksian effect of location based saturation has sort of taken over many industry business models, but f’real?

    I live right behind the Commons so I’m absolutely thrilled to hear about any retail whatsoever. But guess what? You’ll NEVER see me there unless you stay open during dinner hours or on weekends. Take a cue from Market 65, Little Palace and Dirty Franks!

    Parks don’t close at 4pm.

  • Porky

    Ugh! I can’t say that I’m not disappointed in this…
    Who made this decision?
    With all the great food options that could do there why did we end up with the equivalent of prison grub?

  • osulew

    Boring menu.
    Boring concept.
    Lame hours.

    Super disappointing decision all around.

  • cbus11

    Yeah, somebody dropped the ball on this one.

    What a waste.

  • tolemac5050

    How long will it take for the concept to change to something…well..else

  • futureman

    So what would be a better fit for this spot?

    I had no idea they were even going to have a restaurant operate in the park until I read this. Given how isolated it is (views of a huge parking garage and about a half block from high/3rd), the lack of evening and weekend hours isn’t too surprising. I don’t have anything against the concept, just wish it was executed better.

  • osulew

    True…I’d really be fine with the concept too if it were a step above industrial grade food quality.

  • futureman, I was going to ask similar things. I’ve never eaten at this place but every time I’m in the area for lunch it’s always packed. So packed that I had to leave out because the line was out of the door in the Summer.

    I think it’s a little isolated for now, but when the market demand builds fill around the perimeter of the park it should compliment nicely.

    Can this place be that bad?

  • futureman

    Honestly I haven’t been to Burgers Dogs & Fries myself and was basing my opinion on others on this site. I haven’t seen many positive reviews of it – Yelp isn’t much of a help either. I wasn’t aware of the Kingsdale location and I’ll have to check it out.

    I’m happy to see a permanent food vendor in this spot vs the city using it only as a concession stand during special events and being closed most of the year.

  • beersie1

    I’ve never checked this place out, but agree it would’ve been nice to have something a little healthier and with later hours.  Ah well, will still be nice to have something there.

    PS.)I hate to be the graphic design snob, but what’s up with that logo? Is that a comic sans “AND” warped at a 45 degree angle? *shutter

  • Burgers, Dogs & Fries serves the scientifically proven worst type of fry – crinkle cut. One of the restaurant group’s other concepts, Lola, Cafe Daniela or Cinco would have been much better. I wouldn’t mind if no permanent restaurant were located there, in favor of an open invitation to foodcarts.

  • Prime

    I’ve never seen more than 6 people at a time in the Kingsdale location; it’s usually empty.  Luckily I’m not in a situation where I need lunch <$3 but my wife and I couldn’t even finish our crapburgers (1 turkey, 1 beef-byproduct), so how is that a value?

    I actually liked Daniela, too bad.

  • JoeV – Caffe Daniela was opened by Joe and Mary Jo Milano. More here: http://www.columbusunderground.com/caffe-daniela-coming-soon-to-broad-high

  • bldng4jstc

    Wait, so no Fri evening or Sat say 12-6?  What about everyone leaving work and walking to the Commons Parking Garage? Furthermore, I don’t know what most people do M-F 10-4, but I will only be able to play catch at the commons in the evenings and on the weekend.

  • honavery

    I don’t eat here all the time, and I’ve never had the burger. But the Nathan hot dog is ok (hard to screw it up I guess) and the fries were decent enough IMO. Not on par with Tip Top or somewhere like that, but it’s fast food. It’s always packed too when I go, I think people just like to have the option for a quick burger after Wendy’s bailed on Downtown. I can’t think of another place downtown to get one that’s not a sit down type of place.

    Agreed on the logo though, it’s awful.

  • Well said, honavery. Downtown has very little in the way of fast food options. Some people would probably consider that a good thing, but there is certainly a demand for it. I see nothing wrong with fast food in moderation.

    I really hope that BDF is open to extended and weekend hours if there is customer demand to make that viable for their business. I imagine that there should be enough demand in a park for ice cream and shakes and hot dogs during the weekends.

  • Parker

    falafel! they should have falafel and other foods like Pita Hut N Grill on N. High.

  • lilbit

    Does anyone know if the City is planning on providing regular programming at the park this summer? Like the PB&J concerts at the Topiary Park, or the jazz series at Goodale?

  • Yep. A few different groups are doing programming in the park. I believe Capital Crossroads, CDDC and CAPA are all each doing events there. Possibly others.

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