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Blue Jackets Trade Away Fan Favorite R.J. Umberger

Jason Parks Jason Parks Blue Jackets Trade Away Fan Favorite R.J. Umberger
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R.J. Umberger, a former graduate of Ohio State University, has been traded from the Blue Jackets to the Philadelphia Flyers. In exchange for Umberger and a fourth round pick, the Blue Jackets acquired left-winger Scott Hartnell from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Combining the fact that Umberger was a former Buckeye and had a gritty playing style always made him a fan favorite in Columbus over the years. Umberger was unhappy though towards the end of the 2014 campaign when he was a healthy scratch on several occasions and saw reduced playing time on the Power Play. This resulted in Umberger demanding a trade, which ultimately led to his departure.

Hartnell spent the first six seasons of his career in Nashville and the last seven seasons playing in the city of Brotherly Love. Hartnell is well known amongst many Blue Jackets fans for his playing days in Nashville, when they were an archrival of the Jackets. He has scored 20 or more goals in seven seasons in the NHL including two 30-goal seasons.

Despite his struggles after the Olympic break in the 2014 campaign, Blue Jackets fans will never forget the diving made by Umberger in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which set-up the game-winning goal by Nick Foligno. The win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on that memorable night was the first ever Jackets playoff win at Nationwide Arena.

Adding a skilled winger in Hartnell, who also brings playoff experience and leadership to Columbus, is viewed by many as a good move. The hope around Nationwide Arena is that this trade is one of several moves that will help the Jackets advance past the first round of the playoffs.

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Updated 6/29 3:35pm with additional information and clarification.

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  • cincyboy79

    This article is irresponsibly written. The author misrepresents the terms of this trade and in the process comes off sounding like a fanboy venting. Umberger had a no trade clause on his contract, therefore the team could not just trade him. Umberger requested the trade and as a result provided the team with a list of 10 teams he would not accept a trade to.

    This was not simply a matter of the team trading him to trade him, the player requested the trade and the team complied. It would be nice to see responsible writing, but in this case this article misses the mark by a wide margin.

    • I apologize if the article came off as if it were written from a fans perspective. I did include in the initial piece that, “Umberger was unhappy towards the end of the 2014 campaign when he was a healthy scratch on several occasions and saw reduced playing time on the Power Play.” I failed to mention that he demanded a trade, which was a key component that should have been included in the article.

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