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Blockbuster Continues to Close Columbus Area Stores

 Nicholas Herum Blockbuster Continues to Close Columbus Area Stores
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Five Columbus-area Blockbuster locations are scheduled to close their doors for good. Information obtained from a Blockbuster representative that wishes to remain anonymous stated that the affected Columbus locations are on Georgesville Rd, Cemetery Rd., and E. Broad St. In addition to the Columbus locations, stores in Johnstown and Heath will also be closing up shop.

The E. Broad St. and Johnstown locations stated that their final day would be March 18th while the remaining gave a less definitive time frame but indicated their locations would close by the end of March. When asked if they would be able to transfer to another Blockbuster location employees indicated that Blockbuster Corporate were “Doing the best they can to transfer staff.”

Blockbuster was acquired by Dish Network in April 2011. After years of losses the long struggling company did turn a $3.3 million profit in late 2011 after its initial round of closings and the expansion of its OnDemand and DVD-By-Mail service. Unfortunately Dish CEO Joe Clayton announced earlier this month that there are still many stores not turning a profit and stated, “There are ones that aren’t going to make it. We will close unprofitable stores. We will close additional stores.” At its peak Blockbuster operated over 4,000 locations in the United States alone while the company now operates somewhere between 500-600 locations.

Some area stores have already stopped renting but will continue to accept returns while they attempt to liquidate stock that is not being transferred to other locations that are staying open.

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  • leftovers
  • One positive note if you want to expand your blu ray/dvd collection going to the closeout sales is great.  I added about 10 movies to my collection for 45 bucks then the Avery Rd Blockbuster closed a year ago.

  • Sad to lose local employers, but, I didn’t rent there due to their censorship.  Redbox outmaneuvered them as well.

  • I’ve been saying for over a year that Downtown could use a RedBox location (or two) as a “video store”. Looks like the trend continues…

  • cbus11

    I am surprised there is no redbox by CCAD.

  • readysetdisco

    redbox can stock whatever they want, right?  they should start gearing the selections to the areas they’re located in.  more queer titles in vic village, more art and conceptual films near ccad.  documentaries in clintonville?
    fun with stereotypes aside, i wish i could find fewer mass market comedies and bromances and more critically acclaimed dramas, documentaries, foreign films, etc.  where would that be, german village?

  • billiejean

    Netflix FTW!

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