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Biden mixes it up at the North Market

Melanie McIntyre Melanie McIntyre Biden mixes it up at the North Market
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I was craving a jalapeno Brezel pretzel. I’m a firm believer in scratching an itch, so to speak, so I made my way to the North Market. Minutes later, who happens to step out of a black car and through the market’s doors? Vice President Joe Biden.

Earlier in the day, Biden had spoken at Gahanna Lincoln High School (about college affordability), but apparently even politicians know a trip to the 614 isn’t complete without a stop at that culinary slice of heaven that is the North Market.

Biden was greeted by Mayor Michael Coleman and whisked to several vendors, including Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Jeni Britton Bauer was on hand and talked to the vice president for about five minutes. He and Coleman had waffle cones. (I’m pretty sure I heard Coleman request the Ugandan Vanilla Bean flavor. Not sure if the VP had the same.)

Biden spoke briefly to North Market Director Dave Wible, shook the hand of its director of marketing, Mary Martineau, (Biden told Martineau her smile lit up “the whole market”), and mixed it up with some common folk. (He kissed a toddler. You’ll probably see that on the 6 o’clock news tonight.)

All in all, an eventful pretzel break. (And if you haven’t had a Brezel Pretzel, get your hands on one. Or five. You can thank me later.)

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  • BrianW

    Glad to see Columbus and the North Market get the recognition, however, it hard to believe the VP made “brief” remarks to anyone.  Given the chance, he’s rep is he goes on for a while (often inserting foot).

  • vespamary

    Thanks Melanie! I was so starstruck by the handshake the the comment didn’t even register.

  • http:[email protected]/ patient_zero

    Who knew that a trip to the NM would bring you to within feet of the VP? This is one Brezel you will never forget. What he nice comment he made to Mary. Smilin’ Mary of the North Market.
    Thanks for sharing your unique experience.

  • Kardashalistic

    Great title.  When I read “Biden mixes it up” I thought “oh lord, what did he say THIS time???”

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