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Bibibop Asian Grill Expanding to West Henderson Road

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Bibibop Asian Grill Expanding to West Henderson Road
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Bibibop Asian Grill first opened in August 2013, and in the few short months it’s been at 1270 West Fifth Avenue, it’s built a loyal following who swear by its simple and delicious take on fashionable Asian street food. In fact, so popular is the quick-serve restaurant, that in early 2014, a second restaurant will open in Columbus.

When the owners of Charley’s Grilled Subs (who are also behind the Bibibop franchise) decided to close the 1836 West Henderson Road location of the store last December, it was with the intention of replacing it with another Bibibop Asian Grill. They thought it would be a good fit in the neighborhood, which boasts a large Asian community and a host of Asian-inspired restaurants.

The eatery, which sits at the corners of Henderson and Reed Roads, is easily twice the size of the flagship, and will seat roughly 90 guests at a time. Its nearness to multiple neighborhoods also make it an ideal spot for a make-your-own bistro.

The primary advantages of opening another Bibibop just north of Upper Arlington, which is in fairly close proximity to the Grandview/5xNW area where the original stands, is tri-fold: it allows the brand to build on an existent clientele, creates more opportunities for catering, and serves the needs of a community proven to want a restaurant like Bibibop right around the corner.

In addition, owing to the larger digs, Bibibop Upper Arlington will be able to offer take-out service. Patrons will be able  to call in or order online, then come right in for pickup at a dedicated lane. This will also allow for more catering opportunities for businesses in the area.

“What we’re trying to do is to grow slowly from within. We’re trying to get to the people who are close before branching out,” shares Ellie Robinson, General Manager. “We have a couple locations we’re looking at for expansion plans, but for now, we’re very excited to join the Upper Arlington community, who we love, and who loves our food.”

Bibibop Upper Arlington is set to open in the next few months. Their hours of operation will be the same as their flagship’s: Monday – Thursday, 11am – 9pm, and Friday – Saturday, 11am – 10pm. An opening date will be set as soon as possible.

For more information, visit www.bibibop.com.

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  • Ben_

    Finally, an Asian restaurant on Henderson!

    R.I.P. Charley’s.

  • Geno99

    Someone once told me that “bibimbap” basically translates to “leftovers” and that someone from Korea would probably find it pretty funny that we think of this as sit-down restaurant food.

  • Ben- Most of Henderson road in that area is filled with Asian restaurants- there are three Korean places within walking distance of this location. If course you could be stating the obvious, which in that case ignore me. :)

    Geno99-I hate to say but your friend is very wrong, bibim means mixed, bop is rice. The Wikipedia entry for Bibimbop has some great additional info and there are many sit down restaurants in Korea offer Bibimbop exclusively.

  • pinkgloomy

    Geno99: Are you perhaps thinking about Chop Suey? It is an American Chinese dish (made in America), meaning bits and pieces.

  • Geno99

    Okay, he works here so I just asked him again. He says you’re translating it literally when it’s more of an idiomatic thing. “Bap” is technically cooked rice and also a slang for a meal, like “grub”, while “sal” is the word for the rice grain itself. He says he can’t really explain it any better than that. Maybe a third opinion is in order.

  • ejaeyoon

    3rd opinion is you’re both right. there are restaurants that specialize in bibimbap. it’s very common to see it served in a stone pot that was heated up. it doesn’t mean leftovers but a lot of times in a home setting, the leftovers are used as the ingredients. the spicy red sauce is a red pepper paste, typically combined with sesame oil and other various ingredients. that doesn’t mean that it means leftovers though.

  • Corrin Radd
  • thomasjs4

    I’m very excited about this! I go to the Life Time Fitness that is just behind there, so this will be perfect dinner when I’m starving after a hard workout or if I need to grab a quick dinner and head somewhere after the gym. Welcome to the neighborhood, Bibibop! :)

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