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Best New Restaurant of 2014: Bareburger

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best New Restaurant of 2014: BareburgerPhoto by Walker Evans.
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2014 was a very good year for dining out in Columbus. Not only have many classic restaurants continued to update their menus and reinvent themselves, we’ve also seen a plethora of brand new establishments open all throughout the calendar year. And the new restaurants aren’t just great in terms of quantity, many are also of very high quality. When we asked our readers to pick their favorite, all of the entries that made the Top 10 list were only separated by a few votes each. It was a very close race, but Bareburger topped them all in the number one spot.

This New York based restaurant was franchised locally by Columbus fans of the original, and opened in the old Yankee Trader building Downtown in March.

“Bareburger does a good thing for the local food scene — it offers lots of comfort, party foods with a style that embraces organic, non-gmo lifestyles,” said CU Food Critic Miriam Bowers Abbott in her review earlier this year. “There’s room for that in Columbus.”

For more information, visit www.bareburger.com.

The Top 10 New Restaurants in Columbus of 2014:

  1. Bareburger
  2. Hot Chicken Takeover
  3. Acre: Farm-To-Table To-Go
  4. Double Comfort
  5. Angry Bear Kitchen
  6. Rishi Sushi Kitchen & Bar
  7. The Market Italian Village
  8. Harvest Bar and Kitchen
  9. Arepazo Latin Grill
  10. Westies Gastropub

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Note: Our “Best of 2014″ lists are published as the result of our annual reader survey/poll.

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  • chefmeach


  • Was so underwhelmed when I went to Bareburger. What’s everyone’s take on it?

    HCT delivers the ruckus though!

  • I have to say I am completely stunned by this. We went when it first opened and it was a complete disaster both in terms of the food and the service. I chalked it up to them needing to work the kinks out and so I went back – three or four times. It was the same thing over and over. Horrible, horrible service combined with really barely average food at insane prices. I agree with OneBagTravel – I was so underwhelmed. How this place has survived much less got chosen as the best new restaurant of 2014 I will never know.

  • Personally, I’ve only had Bareburger twice. One was take-out and once was at the CU Best Bites Burger event. Both times I enjoyed what I tasted quite a bit. So, we’re overdue to visit for a meal and experience the service, and I can’t personally comment on that.

    But to reiterate what was already said up top… the difference between #1 and #2 on the list was like 2 or 3 votes. The difference between #2 and #2 was 2 or 3 votes. And that was the trend all the way down the list. In years prior, we usually see one or two places that are clear frontrunners who get the vast majority of the votes. I was really surprised (and impressed) that the vote was so evenly matched this year. To me that says that everyone in the Top 10 (as well as a few that didn’t quite make the Top 10, but came close) were all of very high quality this year.

  • Andrew J Chris

    I can’t speak on behalf of the majority of this list, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Bareburger. The rich flavor of each meat truly stands out in every burger on the menu. Apart from the delicious variety of organic ingredients, everything in the restaurant, from the tables to the to-go bags is made from reclaimed, recycled or biodegradable materials. Additionally, Bareburger supports the community by opting for local food and beverage suppliers when available. That kind of corporate philosophy is something I personally appreciate.

    I’ve also never had a problem with service at Bareburger. The staff has always been very friendly and accommodating.

  • slf2577

    I have been to Bareburger several times since it opened and I have had nothing but great dining experiences. The food is great and the owners are good guys who remembered me on return visits. The concept is unique to Columbus and well worth a visit. I’ll be back again.

  • Love Bareburger – Amazing food, lots of unique options + great cocktail menu. They deserve it, don’t approach it as “just burgers”.

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