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Best Happy Hour of 2012: Bodega

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Happy Hour of 2012: Bodega
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For four years running, Bodega has topped our readers’ survey category of Best Happy Hour. With over 50 craft beers on tap, over 100 bottled beers, and an inventive menu produced by Chef Marcus Meacham, Bodega’s happy hours offer something that just about anyone can enjoy.

The Top 10 Happy Hours of 2012:

  1. Bodega
  2. Woodlands Tavern
  3. Lindey’s
  4. The Olde Towne Tavern
  5. Marcella’s
  6. Mac’s Cafe
  7. Jury Room
  8. Fourth Street Bar & Patio
  9. El Camino Inn
  10. Bernard’s Tavern

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  • hdtvohio

    As much as I love Jury Room, their happy hour shouldn’t be on this list unless they start discounting the cocktails everyday for happy hour. Their cocktails are great and so are their apps, but they’re happy hour is so limited!. Also I honestly think Marcella’s happy hour is the best in Columbus because of the breadth of types of alcoholic beverages and the breadth of food options.

  • We don’t really define this category for voters to make their selection based on the best happy hour deals or discounts, so there’s a lot of wiggle room for people to vote based on where they like to go, the atmosphere of a bar during happy hour time, and other factors. There’s been places in the Top 10 in the past that didn’t do happy hour deals at all. ;) But it sounds like that means they’re doing something else right!

  • ColdRoller

    So people can vote for a business to win a category they really don’t qualify for. I vote CU the Worst ‘Best Of’ Poll.

  • JM123

    A lot of buckshot in ColdRoller’s comment but without some sort of statistical data to back up this list, it means very little. Perhaps consider some sort of survey handle for these “Best of” articles. A couple that come to mind- Survey Monkey or Twtpoll which polls Twitter, Facebook and Web invites together and forms graphs as well as charts.

    The great thing about statistics…you can make it say anything.

  • We poll our readers and provide the results using that data. The same way every other reader survey is conducted. Adding a happy hour chart/graph is sort of the antithesis of happy hour. ;)

  • groundrules

    I can’t believe Ace of Cups (with $1 craft pints @ HH) didn’t crack the list. With Ray Rays on the side?

  • travelchic68

    Glad to see the Olde Towne Tavern on here… Great rotating draft selection!

  • kaito

    Thanks Walker. I have to remind myself to get out of the house more often to visit these eclectic venues ;)

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